Symend Fuels Global Talent Acquisition Strategy with Absorb LMS

  • CLIENT: Symend
  • INDUSTRY: Technology
  • USE CASE: Employee Training, External Training
  • SOLUTION: Absorb LMS with Content Libraries


Meet the Client

Symend is a digital engagement platform provider using behavioral science and data-driven insights to empower enterprises to build stronger customer relationships. With a growing number of dispersed employees spanning Canada, the United States and Latin America, the company understands the benefits of practicing the digital-first approach it promotes to its global customer base.

Case Study Overview

One element of the Symend talent acquisition strategy is to provide world-class training to its people—regardless of their location. As a fast-growing company in the tech space, it became clear that a scalable learning management system would be essential to the company’s ability to deliver on that promise long-term.

Pain Points

Without the internal resources to build its entire learning program from scratch while also maintaining its high standards for quality, the Symend team opted to supplement in-house content with course libraries—available through a turnkey integration.

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From diversity and inclusion training to cybersecurity, using Absorb LMS to deliver training has kept us 100% compliant on training for important workplace issues.
- Mark Brown, Symmend Fuels

Results Worth Sharing

Since implementing Absorb LMS with content from course libraries, training has become an integral part of the Symend culture. Every new Symend employee is now enrolled in the company’s “Liftoff” program in the LMS.

Recognizing the benefit of having teams learn together, Symend has also launched a comprehensive instructor-led training program through the LMS. The company delivers relevant monthly instructor-led courses covering different areas of professional interest to employees. In addition to onboarding and professional development opportunities, Symend uses Absorb LMS to facilitate and track its compliance training, deliver monthly reports to the executive team, and provide clients and auditors with the proper data to ensure the company is SOC 2 compliant. Read the case study for the full story.

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