What is Absorb LMS?

Absorb LMS is a multi-purpose learning management system by Blatant^ Media Corporation.

A More Refined Learning Experience

The Absorb LMS Learner Interface is one of the most important aspects of the software as it will be the main point of contact between your learners and their course content.

Market, Deliver, Track, and Get Paid for Your Courses

Absorb LMS makes it easy for you to start selling your courses right away with no extra charge for e-commerce and a business friendly fee structure.

Engage Learners Like Never Before

The Mercury Module is a special extension to Absorb LMS that adds features designed to increase learner engagement. The Mercury Module can transform Absorb LMS into a learning-centric Intranet, providing learners with news stories, contests, polls, and more.

Your LMS, Your Branding

Take a look at some of the interface designs we've put together for our HTML5 interface.

LMS Administration Like You’ve Never Seen

The Admin Interface is where all of the management, tracking, and reporting of your courses and learners will take place.

Administration Designed to be Simply Powerful

Absorb LMS has been designed to be quick and intuitive, yet powerful and versatile. Navigation through the admin interface directly reflects that philosophy.

See Results at a Glance

Absorb's Admin Dashboards are a great way to access the most important areas of the LMS as soon as you log in, and provide many useful reports on user and course activity in your LMS.

Track Progress and Show Results with Reports

Absorb's reports keep things clean and consistent across the entire admin interface. A basic understanding of the powerful features at your disposal will go a long way towards managing all of your LMS data.

LMS Roles as Unique as Your Employees

A User account in Absorb LMS is a simple way to offer anyone access to either the admin interface, the learner interface, or both!

Get Your Learners Enrolled Quickly or Automatically

There are several ways to go about enrolling your users in their courses, offering you (as the administrator) both flexibility and convenience.

Deliver Your Courses Your Way

Online courses are the primary means of delivering e-learning content to your users in Absorb LMS: videos, interactive SCORM, xAPI, or AICC-compliant courses, quizzes and exams, and more.

Track Your Live Events with Your LMS

Absorb LMS fully supports the scheduling and tracking of live instructor led events, both real-world as well as online meetings.

Guide Your Learners Using Curricula

Course Bundles & Curricula provide a great way to offer your learners bundles of courses in a single unified package.

Enterprise Grade Software for Your Small Business

Absorb LMS is a perfect solution for small businesses.

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