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ClearCompany Integration

The ClearCompany talent management platform integration for Absorb LMS sets your business and employees up for success from day one. Not only does it strengthen the connection between performance, compliance, and the professional growth opportunities your employees crave—it'll impress your HR team too.

Clear-Company Secondary

Attract The Best, Then Give Them The Tools to Be Better

Provide role-specific professional development opportunities and top-notch onboarding experiences to employees without even needing them to remember their password. Integrating ClearCompany and Absorb LMS equips your organization with the tools needed to recruit, ramp, recognize, and retain the best talent out there—and single sign-on (SSO) reduces barriers to learning without sacrificing security.

Why Integrate ClearCompany Into Absorb LMS?

Streamline Onboarding

Streamline Onboarding

Enroll new hires in training that'll get them up to speed in-person or online.

Keep Talent Thriving

Keep Talent Thriving

Connect performance feedback to goals and provide a clear path forward.

Empower Your People

Empower Your People

Inspire your team to reach their potential by giving them the tools to do it.


Does your ClearCompany integration offer a single sign-on?

Yes, we offer single sign-on for all our turnkey integrations.

How does the ClearCompany integration for Absorb LMS support remote workers?

Providing training for new hires and continuing education for current employees is more critical than ever, with large portions of the workforce logging in remotely. Allowing remote employees to access training that pairs with the guidance and mentorship they receive from their manager enables continued growth at all levels of an organization.

How can integrating a Talent Management System (TMS) and LMS improve employee onboarding?

Build new hire enthusiasm and trust with a smooth and engaging onboarding experience. Ensure compliance, automate tasks and workflows and manage documentation while giving new employees a warm welcome.

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