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Absorb Pinpoint: Go Straight to the Point

Your learners are busy, so keeping them engaged and satisfied means connecting them to the information they need, when and where they need it. Absorb Pinpoint carves them a direct path—even if it's in the middle of a video lesson. Because when learning happens fast, it happens often.

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Transform Video Lessons Into Microlearning—Without Editing

Built for efficiency from all angles, Absorb Pinpoint uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to automatically transcribe and timestamp your video lessons—and then makes them searchable. A simple search query gives learners a direct path to the point in the video or transcript they need, transforming longer LMS video content into contextualized microlearning experiences.

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Absorb LMS Search Analytics Reports

Absorb LMS search analytics reports take learner engagement data to the next level by providing valuable insight into what your learners are searching for. Not only can you use the reports to identify the most popular Pinpoint clips, they can be used to spot and fill gaps between the training you have and the training your learners are looking for.

Key Features of Absorb LMS Pinpoint

Improve Training Results

Improve Training Results

By helping learners find exactly what they need and consume that content at the time of need, your learners will get more out of your video content, producing business results.

Pinpoint:Drive Content Engagement

Pinpoint:Drive Content Engagement

When learners can find just the content they want without having to go through long training videos to get it, learners will be more likely to gain the skills they seek and come back for more.

Insightful Reporting

Insightful Reporting

Analytics about how learners are searching and what content they are finding delivers administrators a wealth of information to guide program—and learner—development.

FAQs about Absorb Pinpoint

What videos will search find?

Search will only find videos that the learner has access to. Those that are not available due to security rules, or that must be purchased, will not be available.

Are the transcriptions available without searching?

Yes. Transcriptions are available in the video player and can be used to navigate the video. If the video is found through search, the search term is highlighted in the transcription pane.

What videos can be transcribed for searchability?

Videos must be in English, up to 2GB in size and 4 hours in length. Only videos uploaded to the LMS can be transcribed.

What if a transcription is incorrect?

Learners can provide feedback on transcriptions, and administrators can edit them. Edits to transcriptions can also be reverted to the original transcription.

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