Absorb LMS Mobile App

The Absorb Learning mobile app empowers learning anytime, anywhere—both online and off—extending the reach and flexibility of your LMS training via this LMS app. With your training in their pocket, you can rest assured learners will always have access to the precise training they need to tackle any task. Available for free on compatible iOS and Android devices, it's a mobile learning solution that's easy to implement for every type of learner.

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Access LMS Training Offline

The need for training doesn't stop just because there's no internet connection. Whether you're on a flight with spotty WiFi or doing fieldwork off the grid, this LMS app fuels uninterrupted learning by taking LMS training offline. Learners gain access to offline training by downloading the content to their device and their progress will sync to the LMS once they re-establish a connection—keeping records accurate and up to date.

Absorb LMS Mobile App Features

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

Save your learners time by establishing this Absorb LMS app as their go-to destination for fast answers to their questions.

Improve Learning Flexibility

Improve Learning Flexibility

Empower your learners to take their training on the go, making it easier to fit more learning into their day.

Drive Engagement

Drive Engagement

Boost engagement by optimizing content for a superior mobile learning experience.

FAQs about the Absorb Mobile App

What types of course files does the Absorb Learning mobile app support?

The app supports multiple content types including SCORM, xAPI (Tin Can), MP4 videos, PDF or Microsoft Office files and Assessment lessons. 

Do I need to optimize my Absorb LMS training to work on the Absorb Learning LMS App?

While there's little need to worry about your training working on the Absorb Learning mobile app, we recommend you optimize your content for a better mobile learning experience. Examples include being mindful of how a smaller screen can make content feel cluttered, opting for scrolling over frequent clicking, etc. If you'd prefer to leave the optimization to eLearning professionals, our Learning Solutions Services team are happy to lend a hand.

Can I create and manage courses in the Absorb Learning app?

The Absorb Learning mobile app currently functions solely as a means of empowering your learners to take training on the go. That said, we recognize that LMS administrators want mobility too, so nothing's off the table for future updates.

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