Engage Your Learners

Captivating your learners’ interest is vital to a successful learning strategy. Absorb LMS’s easy-to-use platform makes it simple for learners to discover and interact with your course content and enables them to retain important information. Built to foster learner engagement anytime, anywhere, our learning management system (LMS) has robust capabilities that keep your learners coming back for more.   

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Tap Into Learner Engagement To Achieve Success

  • Boost workforce retention and satisfaction – Foster an engaging learning environment, ultimately supporting customers, partners, and members alike
  • Enhance job performance – Motivate your teams to consume information in bite-sized pieces and apply what they’ve learned for increased efficiency
  • Build a culture of learning – Inspire learners to engage with their peers through social sharing, mentoring, and a digital collaboration space

Why Choose Absorb LMS For Learner Engagement?

Personalized Experience

Personalized Experience

Create a completely custom look and feel and deliver course recommendations to reflect the experience you want. Pick and choose which elements of the LMS to display or hide. Whether you're training employees, partners, or customers, Absorb LMS empowers you to make it your own. 

Learner Engagement: Social Learning

Learner Engagement: Social Learning

Tap into the power of social experiences to boost your eLearning initiatives. Learners can have social profiles — enabling them to rate courses, interact with other learners, and share their accomplishments.

Leaderboards & Accomplishments

Leaderboards & Accomplishments

Enable learners to show off their badges on their social profile and create friendly competition through leaderboards. Award learners for their accomplishments with badges or customizable and downloadable certificates.

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Create An Interactive Learning Experience With Absorb Engage

Meet the powerful tool used by enterprises around the world to create an interactive learning experience for learners. With Absorb Engage, companies can design custom courses for various groups of learners that are captivating, hands-on, and tailored to their specific needs. Make courses fun for learners with diverse features like leaderboards, videos, polls, and quizzes. Discover how an interactive learning experience can improve knowledge retention, increase employee engagement, and drive better learning outcomes – allowing your organization to meet employee needs and achieve performance goals. 

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Fuel Social Learning

Design a collaborative environment that encourages learners to engage, collaborate, and learn from each other. When your employees are given the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with peers, they feel more connected to colleagues and your organization – driving higher levels of engagement. Social learning also enables employees to learn at their own pace and in their own way, enhancing motivation and boosting interest in the subject matter. By incorporating social learning features into your LMS such as leaderboards, discussion forums, peer-to-peer learning, and collaborative assignments, companies can foster a culture of continuous learning and support a productive workforce. 

FAQs On Learner Engagement With Absorb LMS

Does Absorb LMS enable branded design?

Yes, you can create an entirely custom design to align with your brand. For example, with Absorb LMS, you can change colors, fonts, logos, messaging, and more to engage learners and personalize your LMS. 

What is Absorb Engage and how can I start using it?

Absorb Engage is a learner engagement add-on that offers a set of tools to boost user experience and hook learners. Talk to an Absorb representative to learn more about Absorb Engage and its benefits.  

How can learner engagement boost ROI for learning programs?

Learners are more effective when they are engaged. By delivering interactive content, healthy competition, custom branding, and enabling social learning, you can create measurable results for your organization. 

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