3 Must-Have LMS Features You Can&'t Live Without

3 Must-Have LMS Features You Can&'t Live Without


Richard Nantel


There are hundreds of learning management systems (LMS) out there, and the lists of functionality, built-in LMS features, and add-ons seem endless. Whether you're in the market for your first eLearning platform, or shopping around to re-evaluate your current LMS, we've put together the three must-have LMS features you should be looking for.

Straightforward LMS Interface Design

If you're looking for the bread and butter of an exceptional LMS, an intuitive user experience is it. Successful administrators require a learning platform that lives and breathes ease-of-use. Spend time creating new content, optimizing existing courses, and making use of all your LMS has to offer. You can get back oodles of time by using the right tools.

Informative Reporting Options

The built-in tools at your disposal should let you assess and improve how your learners engage in your content. This data should be easy to navigate and manage through dashboards and effective reporting. The process should be flexible enough to let admins generate reports that can be customized, automated, saved, and shared as needed. And at the end of the day, your reporting options need to both meet your organization's needs and improve efficiency.

Intuitive Actions

Keep an eye out for software that's designed to give you options and is ready to perform actions before you know what you're looking to accomplish. Intuition in an LMS can be difficult to explain, but it should feel like magic and make you look good at the same time. Features like scaling your platform dependent on orientation and display. Or menus that adjust to show you options that are only useful given a choice or selection you've already made. This thoughtful design puts increased emphasis on context, making the LMS easier to use and master.

Seek an Exceptional LMS

Every organization will have its own specific needs and technical requirements. Regardless of what your eLearning needs are, keep these points in mind when evaluating your next LMS. Any LMS can present massive amounts of data, but only an exceptional platform will do so while saving you time and making it easy. Want to look under the hood at Absorb? Connect with us and we'll arrange for your guided tour.

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