3 Types of LMS Mobile Application Branding

3 Types of LMS Mobile Application Branding


Fred Pinkett


Given the nature of the modern learner, it's imperative to provide access to eLearning via mobile devices. The typical approach is making the LMS interface responsive, which means it will work equally well on a PC screen or a mobile device. Then learners can access their LMS on all their devices and have the full training and LMS experience using the same URL across devices. However, in some cases, it's preferable to have an app for training as some users favor apps on mobile devices vs. accessing resources via a browser. In addition, an app such as the Absorb Learn mobile app can provide specialized functionality, like the ability to take training while offline. If an app is going to be used to provide training, how it will be branded must be considered. Take a look at the following three approaches:

1. Limited LMS mobile app branding

For LMS implementations that are not separately branded from the vendor, the mobile app can be left similarly unbranded or lightly branded. Learners will be accustomed to seeing the LMS vendor's branding and name, allowing them to easily recognize the LMS in the app stores. This is the simplest approach.

2. Custom branded experience in the app

In most LMS implementations, a branded experience is preferred. Custom logos, colors, terminology and backgrounds provide learners with a training experience that feels like it's coming directly from the company. This complements custom content especially well and lets learners know the company is invested in their training experience. Having a company's own look and feel in their LMS encourages engagement. Absorb excels at branding and provides design help to clients as part of their onboarding. This is also true of the mobile learning app experience. The simplest way to achieve this is if the mobile application automatically picks up the LMS custom branding, as does the Absorb Learn mobile app. Custom logos and colors are automatically used by the app, giving learners a consistent experience via browser or the app. While the app is called Absorb Learn and is listed in the app store using the Absorb logo, the rest of the experience is uniquely branded for each customer. Learners simply download the Absorb Learn app from the app store, then login as usual.

3. App store branding

To address the external branding in the app store and have custom icons, some vendors have tools that allow their clients to generate raw app files and publish them to the app store themselves. There is a UI that allows clients to pick some basic branding options and then they must generate and compile the actual code of the app. After that, it's up to the client to get that new app into the store, which entails a number of very technical tasks. The client must have app store developer accounts set up with app signing keys for both app stores, resign the apps with their key after they have been rebranded, then finally get their apps uploaded and approved before publishing. This must be done by the client and the vendor can't even help or they risk running afoul of Apple's stance on template apps. That would be bad enough if it was a one-time task, but once that's all done, the client's apps are now an independent custom app and cannot be updated automatically when the LMS vendor updates code. If the vendor finds and fixes a bug in any of the apps, no learner will get that fix without repeating all the above steps every single time the app is updated.

Branding, simplicity and easy updates

Absorb chose an automatic custom branded app experience for the Absorb Learn mobile app so clients can avoid all the manual and technical complexities involved with branding and publishing their own custom applications. Once the app is launched, learners will still see their organization's branding and know they're in the right place to access on-the-go, engaging training. See Absorb Learn in action today. Click hereto read the set up instructions and put mobile learning in the hands of your users.

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