3 Ways to Bolster a Culture of Learning at Work

3 Ways to Bolster a Culture of Learning at Work


Suzanne Lucas


Mercer's 2019 Global Talent Trends study found that 73% of executives predict significant industry disruption in the next three years. Your company can be caught in the wake of that disruption or be the leader that affects change.

A strong culture of learning at work is an essential competitive advantage in this quest, providing individuals with opportunities to elevate their skill sets, challenge assumptions about the way things are done, and collaborate with peers to push operations forward. Here are three ways to transform your approach to L&D and bolster your learning culture.

Use blended learning

There's no single, all-encompassing formula to learning, so blended learning is an ideal solution. Blended learning includes a mix of classroom instruction, online education, smartphone apps—and even excursions. And while not every organization has the resources for field trips, every organization can leverage blended learning to engage employees in unique ways and teach them the skills they need. Employees who take the time to learn those new skills will grow and develop within your company and may be less likely to depart, cutting down on very expensive turnover costs.

Support broader collaboration

According to Mercer's report, "thriving employees are twice as likely to describe their role as 'relationship focused' and their work environment as 'collaborative.'" Collaboration is more than booking a meeting room with your team. Think outside the department and even beyond state lines and country borders. Hold virtual, video meetups between your in-office and remote workers so everyone can put faces and voices to names and feel like they're part of the team.

Inter-office collaboration can also be supported by your LMS. Social learning features allow employees to discuss lessons and real-world solutions, comment on lessons and suggest trainings to their peers. Create bonds through friendly competition and leaderboards to see who tops the charts as everyone advances through the curriculum.

Embrace the journey

Not all users learn at the same pace. At times, however, it's necessary to get all of your employees trained on a new technology by a certain date, or to ensure they're all reaching the same competency level for a particular skill before a deadline. This means encouraging a culture of help and support, where users embrace and learn from mistakes, and where their peers and LMS keep them on track. For instance, if you're pursuing a technology security certification, your LMS can report who has passed all units and who still needs help so you can fix those learning gaps before the formal certification inspection.

While the future is perpetually evolving and uncertain, you can tackle whatever comes if you foster a culture of learning at work. Collaborate, blend your learning opportunities, devote the necessary time and enjoy the journey to success.

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