Absorb 5.0 Availability and a Top 20 Learning Portal Award!

Absorb 5.0 Availability and a Top 20 Learning Portal Award!


Dan Medakovic


We here at Blatant Media are thrilled to announce the imminent release of Absorb LMS 5.0 - a major upgrade to our multi-award-winning Absorb Learning Management System. Absorb LMS version 5.0, which will be released on September 8th, contains over 400 new features and enhancements including:

  • Mobile (responsive HTML5) administrator interface with an all new look and feel
  • New administrative dashboards and widgets
  • Multi-language admin interface
  • Significant security enhancements including administrator audit trails
  • Major performance improvements built on new architecture and overall optimization
  • Flexible competency models and certification enhancements
  • Enhanced reporting functionality
  • Advanced exam authoring
  • Expanded course administration/ownership rights
  • New "mass actions" for user and course management
  • And hundreds more!

The release of Absorb 5.0 positions Absorb as the best LMS for organizations looking for ease-of-use, multi-language support, security, robust functionality and a great user experience at a fair price. "We are very focused on, and invested in, maintaining our leadership position in the industry by delivering new features and technologies in a way that is intuitive and useful for our clients", says Mike Owens, President of Blatant Media. This customer-driven model and constant focus on innovation has led to continued growth and accolades, with the most recent award being the addition of Blatant Media to the TrainingIndustry.com "Top 20 Learning Portal Company List for 2014". "It's super awesome to be on the Top 20 Learning Portal list for the fifth year in a row!" says Mike Eggermont, Co-founder of Blatant Media.

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