Create Interactive Videos

Create Interactive Videos


The use of videos in everyday life has increased thanks to the use of smartphones and tablets. Interactive video technology distinguishes itself from regular video by providing a more active experience. Learners interact by clicking or touching hotspots and by receiving additional information or feedback about their knowledge. In essence, we allow learners to react to what they are seeing and to be more than just observers.

Nowadays, we can easily produce interactive videos that offer two-way communication between the learner and the content. Existing video content hosted internally or hosted on online video platforms like Brightcove, YouTube and Vimeo are easily transformed from passive to interactive videos.

Start driving more engagement to your learning videos by layering different types of interactive objects such as the ones outlined below.

Interactive video hotspots

  • Choose from a wide inventory of preconfigured interactions
  • Create links with no programming required
  • Personalized videos with dynamic variables
  • Chapter your videos to help learners find content more quickly

interaction types

Question Interactions

  • Knowledge check as the learners are watching
  • Ask learners to find the answer within the video

question types

Branching video

  • Break from the linear video experience by letting learners drive and choose their own paths
  • Visualize the learning paths with the branching editor
  • Branch to different pages depending on question answer


Deploying and Tracking

  • Export to HTML5, SCORM 1.2, SCORM2004 and xAPI
  • Host your video in Absorb Create Delivery or a third-party streaming provider (Brightcove, Youtube, and Vimeo)
  • Check learner progress and metrics via the Analytics Dashboard


All of these features are available in Absorb Create. If you haven't tried it yet, you can do so via our free 21-day trial.

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