eLearning for Associations: 4 Tips to Engage Your Members

eLearning for Associations: 4 Tips to Engage Your Members


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Associations have unique eLearning objectives. Unlike corporations primarily serving internal learners, associations must implement effective eLearning strategies to attract and retain members.

Association membership is compulsory in some industries. But those with voluntary membership must compete for limited membership dollars—making benefits a key differentiator.

Stand out from the crowd by offering compelling eLearning through a learning management system (LMS) built to serve associations and their members. Consider the following eLearning for associations tips to engage your members:

1. Cater to on-the-go professionals

Your members are busy. Offer mobile eLearning that fits into their schedules. Your LMS should include a mobile app so members can work through courses or certifications—even when they're offline. Your members should be able to access association courses, videos, exams and more from their smartphones and other mobile devices. When your members can effortlessly weave learning into their lives, they'll eagerly come back for more.

2. Offer seamless course shopping

With the rise of online shopping, many of your members are accustomed to purchasing products or services with a few clicks or screen taps. Whether your association sells courses or offers free eLearning with membership, create a seamless process. By tapping an LMS for associations with a fully integrated eCommerce module, members can quickly browse course catalogs, add courses to their shopping cart and make secure purchases—empowering them to dive into your eLearning with ease.

3. Create modern eLearning for modern members

Engage your members with compelling and relevant eLearning content. Instead of exclusively offering text-based courses, incorporate short videos, role-playing scenarios and webinars. Break courses into easily digestible "microlearning" bits. Include a progress meter so members can track their learning progression. Keep member experience top of mind and select an LMS with an intuitive learner interface.

4. Empower members to show what they know

Your members are eager to announce their recent course completions, new certifications or polished skills. Enable them to share their accomplishments with their professional networks on social media. Embrace gamification and encourage members to earn badges or top leaderboards. The more members can publicize their eLearning milestones, the more recognition your association gains in your industry. Moreover, since some associations require continuous learning and certification, an LMS that can efficiently report course completion and compliance is essential.

eLearning to spark association growth

Fifty-two percent of HR professionals say the skills gap shortage has worsened over the past few years. eLearning for associations, hosted on a robust LMS, can empower your members to meet the demands of changing industries.

See how Absorb LMS can spark your association growth. Connect with an Absorb representative to learn more.

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