A guide to delivering what matters: The Forrester Wave

A guide to delivering what matters: The Forrester Wave


Absorb LMS


Why Absorb excels against large incumbents 

In a landscape dominated by a handful of legacy vendors it's easy to assume that bigger is always better. Yet, in the fast-evolving world of technology and learning, this isn't necessarily the case. At Absorb, we believe in delivering precisely what matters to our customers, eschewing the one-size-fits-all mentality in favor of a more tailored, efficient approach.

Named a strong performer in the latest Forrester Wave report, here's why we stand out in a crowded market with a 5x return on investment as shown in the Forrester TEI.

Solving precisely what customers need  

No one knows what their business needs better than our customers. And what they tell us is that they're looking for is a singular, comprehensive solution that addresses all their enterprise learning and development (L&D) needs—from HR and departmental training to customer and partner education. Our platform is designed to be easily administered, with AI driven content creation, and best-in-class measurement and reporting capabilities. Listening to our customers’ needs gives us the ability to solve their problems and that is what makes Absorb a desirable partner for many organizations.

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Focus on essential needs, not everything 

The tendency to create a product aiming to meet all possible needs often leads to unnecessarily complex, expensive, and user-unfriendly outcomes. Our strategy, however, is to avoid bells and whistles, and prioritize the fundamental features, opting for integrations that simplify and reduce the cost of our platform for organizations. We avoid overinvesting in niche areas like fully immersive AR/VR technologies, which many of our clients don't prioritize, or striving for AAA web accessibility standards when most Learning Management Systems (LMS) adhere to AA.

Similarly, we don't develop native no-code solutions, preferring instead to ensure smooth integration with existing enterprise systems of our clients. This approach helps us preserve the flexibility and simplicity valued by our users. By focusing on what our customers genuinely need, we ensure our product remains accessible, economical, and directly relevant.

Here's where we focus our efforts to deliver value to our customers:
  • Technology: Absorb offers flexible deployment options, including SaaS, private cloud, and on-premises, customizable for all security and compliance needs. It’s accessible, meeting WCAG standards, and is optimized for all users, with third-party audits to ensure usability.  
  • Admin experience: Absorb delivers an intuitive admin experience with AI-driven automation, simplifying tasks and allowing teams to focus on strategy. Its adaptable learning management supports complex curriculum design and provides insightful reporting and analytics, with seamless business app integrations and evolving skills management features. 
  • Content and instructor experience: Absorb provides advanced authoring tools, AI-powered content management, and support for AR/VR content access. It serves a global audience with multilingual support and facilitates hybrid learning environments, offering personalized content, a library of over 20,000 plug and play courses and social learning opportunities.   
  • Learner experience: Absorb integrates learning into work environments with native business tool integrations. It supports experiential learning with practical tools, offers AI-driven content curation for personalized experiences, encourages social learning through collaborations features, and uses gamification to engage learners.  

AI and Skills: First to do it right, not just first to launch 

As evidenced in all technology innovations, the race isn't won by the first out of the gate, but by those who build it right and scale effectively. Our Skills product, coming to market soon, on the other hand, was conceived with AI at its foundation and the goal to provide a true end-to-end experience. From the ontology to the assessment to the actual content provided in the learning path, we’ve thought through the entire journey for a learner-driven upskilling solution. We’ve watched competitors try to retrofit AI into their offerings, whereas ours was built from the ground up with this technology, ensuring a seamless, powerful experience. 

quotation mark
At Absorb, we think about innovation very carefully. And AI is no exception.
- Craig Basford, EVP of Product, Absorb

Efficiency that translates to savings 

Our efficiency isn't just about operational benefits; it's a cornerstone of our value proposition to our customers. By focusing relentlessly on features that meet the L&D needs of enterprises, we maintain lower costs. Our general and administrative (G&A) and go-to-market (GTM) strategies outperform our competitors, allowing us to pass significant savings on to our customers. This efficiency is a testament to our commitment to delivering value without compromising quality. 

A partner in L&D success 

Our dedication to our customers' success is evident in everything we do. This commitment is reflected in our industry-leading customer satisfaction scores, G2 ratings, and Trust Radius reviews.

Our strategy against legacy LMS platforms is clear: we deliver what matters most to our customers. By focusing on essential needs, leveraging AI effectively, solving specific customer problems, operating efficiently, and partnering closely with our customers we not only compete but excel. In a world where bigger isn't always better, our approach is a testament to how putting customers first is what truly matters. See how organizations using Absorb achieve a 490% ROI with Absorb in the Forrester Total Economic Impact Report.


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