How Absorb LMS Can Empower Learners to Choose the Learning Modalities They Prefer

How Absorb LMS Can Empower Learners to Choose the Learning Modalities They Prefer


Richard Nantel


I'm having a great time learning the administration side of the Absorb LMS platform. Absorb has a great portal called that contains short, two-to-four minute narrated video clips that illustrate clearly how to perform common tasks such as importing a SCORM course, creating an instructor-led event, generating customized reports, etc. In one lesson about how to create a survey, I spotted a feature that could be immensely powerful in many learning initiatives. It's a little checkbox called Link to Custom Field. With this checkbox selected, you can have each learner's answer to a survey question written to a custom field in their user profile. (Absorb LMS allows for up to 30 custom fields.) As illustrated above, you could use this feature to find out what learning modality a person prefers. Most importantly, you could then use the learners' answers to group and enroll people by preferred learning modality.

You can then use the survey data to help plan out the delivery of your content for specific learning programs. If you have good representation across all learning modalities, you could create a blended learning program that allows different individuals to access content in different ways. The result would likely be higher learner satisfaction and potentially better results. To help measure the effectiveness, each group could be asked to complete the same online quiz. This is just one of the ways you can use the Link to Custom Field feature. You're only limited by your imagination. This small checkbox could have a big impact on the effectiveness of learning within your organization.

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