How to Improve the Deployment of Your eLearning Courses

How to Improve the Deployment of Your eLearning Courses


How do you ensure your training reaches your users in a quick and efficient way? Authoring eLearning content is one thing, but deployment is something else entirely.

Drawbacks of Traditional Deployment

If your authoring solution forces you to go through a lengthy exporting process every time you need to test your content, you lose valuable time that could be used in more productive ways.

Additionally, relying on desktop applications to deploy your training can hinder your users in the following ways:

  • Content creators can only access eLearning content on the desktop where the application was installed
  • Some of these applications require a certain level of expertise to install
  • If content creators are traveling or taking time off, another person may not be able to update courses

At the end of the day if you're deployment process isn't optimized, the content will be updated less frequently which defeats the purpose of creating eLearning content in the first place.

Most eLearning authoring solutions fail to provide a simple method to deploy content in a way that empowers the owners to have a bird's eye view of everything. If you do not have a clear understanding of who consumes what content at what time, how can you hope to improve the content—and thus reach your organization's goals—in any way?

How to Boost the Efficiency of Deployment

With Absorb Create, you can deploy a team-authored eLearning project in just a matter of minutes.

If you want to test your courses, you don't need to export and load them elsewhere. You can deploy them quickly directly to the Absorb Create Delivery in any of the methods described below.

Absorb Create Deployment

Deploy your courses on the Absorb Create hosting cloud

Each method allows you to track your courses using our analytics dashboard, thus enabling you to keep track of all your users' progress. With access to advanced analytics, you can gain insight from more detailed data and understand the exact process your users are going through as they learn.

For example, if users fail a course, you can see which sections they spent more or less time on, where they got stuck, and what answers they gave to each individual question. This, in turn, allows you to provide the support they need or make the appropriate changes to your content.

Additionally, Absorb Create uses the Cloud for deployment, which means you can easily deploy across the world to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Share a Public Link

If you want to open up your eLearning content and make it easy to reach, sharing a public link is one of the simplest ways to deploy.

Users only need to follow your link to have instant access to your training in their web browser. That's it!

Your Intranet (Sharepoint, Salesforce etc…)

For bigger organizations that use Sharepoint, Salesforce, or any employee portal such as an intranet, you can directly integrate your courses within these tools.


If you have an existing SCORM LMS system, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. You can upload all your eLearning content made with Absorb Create directly into the LMS.

The advantage of doing this? You only need to embed your content once, and it will update instantly every time you make a change to your training content. No need to republish or re-embed.

Plus the file size is so small (1KB) that it will take you seconds to complete your upload.

LTI Support

Have your own LMS system that supports LTI? Absorb Create supports this type of deployment as well.

Launch Directly from an Email

Another easy method to deploy with Absorb Create is through the use of email. You can send a single email to all your participants and give them access to the training this way.

As long as your users have access to their email account, they'll have access to your content!

Deploy in Minutes

With Absorb Create, your team gains a unified reporting view of all your courses, regardless of how and when they are deployed.

Instead of spending hours exporting standalone applications, you can deploy in minutes using the method that works best for you. Every time you need to update your course, you can be up and running with your new and improved content just as quickly.

With the added time you gain from faster deployment, your organization can reinvest resources in continually improving your training using the data gained from your unified reporting view.

If you haven't tried Absorb Create yet, give it a try completely free.

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