Keep Staff Compliant While Working from Home: Use Your LMS

Keep Staff Compliant While Working from Home: Use Your LMS


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Crazy doesn't begin to describe the tumult that's descended on us with COVID-19. Who knew a tiny virus could be so devastating to our daily lives? So now that we're all working from home, in different towns, states, provinces and countries, how can you keep your team fully informed and compliant with vitally urgent policy updates?

How's that WFH Inbox Looking?

While you could make heavy use of Slack and email, you're probably already overloaded with simultaneous threads featuring piecemeal conversations. And that's precisely when mistakes happen. Keep your staff safe and on the same page by using the LMS to ensure key compliance messages are effectively delivered and tracked.

Staying Compliant Using Your LMS

Track Policy Changes

Policy recommendations are changing seemingly by the hour. Keep your WFH team up to date on the latest by centralizing it all in your online learning platform. New WFH best practices? Simply update your policy in the LMS and users can get a notification. Change management is all handled because your LMS keeps an ongoing record of all revisions, and when they happened.

Target Training Using LMS Metadata

Communication is crucial when you're working from home. Ensure the right training gets to the right people by using your LMS to target resources using content metadata. Stratify it by role, department, location or any other factor you define. You'll not only ensure the right people get the right information, you'll have an LMS audit trail to prove it.

Address Employee Wellbeing

Supporting employee wellness is an important business commitment to staff. And when staff is working from home, that becomes trickier. During this COVID-19 crisis, you can further support employee wellness by assigning courses from your LMS content library on topics ranging from managing stress, anxiety, work/life balance, to diet and other topics. You can further add EAP information into existing course materials to heighten awareness and tailor content to your company's needs. Then, track it all in your LMS to verify employees have been effectively supported.

Keep Certifications Current

Home time is the perfect time to have idle staff catch up on required certifications. Tap your LMS to queue up the right training modules, track progress, then automatically deliver completion certificates when training is complete. Your team will be primed and ready to go when things get back to normal—all while you tend to critical matters.

While email and chat software are core business tools, both lack the vital LMS compliance features and tracking your learning management system offers. While your business manages teams working from home, ensure they're safe, and your business has peace of mind, by tapping your LMS to stay compliant.

Visit our COVID-19 page for video tips about leveraging your LMS to mitigate risk.
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