LMS Solutions: The Right Way to Deliver Challenging & Difficult Content

LMS Solutions: The Right Way to Deliver Challenging & Difficult Content


Carly Marie


Complex training topics—such as technical details or advanced strategy—call for robust LMS solutions. Plain text describing difficult information needs supporting content for the audience to fully understand it. A strategic mix of content types creates a learner experience that leads to longer-lasting knowledge retention. If you're looking for the best ways to deliver challenging information to your audience, check out these research-supported techniques for training complicated concepts online.

A strategic approach to visuals

Visual aid is one way to quickly convey difficult information. But it's important to be strategic about the way you present visuals, because with technical information, sometimes an ineffective visual can just confuse the learner further. The Marketing Journal suggests asking yourself two questions as you approach planning a visual strategy: "Is my information statistical or conceptual? And am I declaring something or exploring something?" These questions should inform the most natural visualization to deliver your message. For example, a statistic can be clearly expressed in a graph or table; physical processes, on the other hand, would be better served by illustrations highlighting key actions step by step. Evaluating the way visuals are used and striving to create more effective graphics to explain complex topics can go a long way.

Microlearning for the moment

Microlearning is a great LMS solution focused on teaching one learning objective at a time. It consists of small bits of learning content as short as a few minutes long that fit into the busy days of learners. Microlearning is especially powerful when learners have easy access to it in the moment that learning is needed. Tools like Absorb Infuse will embed microlearning content in the systems that your audience already uses to make learning a seamless part of their day. This is a great source for quick consultations to refresh training when managing difficult tasks. Keep in mind microlearning is most effective when used for hard skills, as opposed to soft skills, due to the way microlearning interacts with the brain, according to Chief Learning Officer. Hard skills learning, like new work processes or the parts of an engine, utilizes the cognitive skills learning system. So short, learning-objective-focused modules work great. Soft skills, like leadership, can be taught via an LMS, but they're usually honed during real-life situations. Soft skills aren't memorized in the same way as hard skills.

Boost engagement with interactivity

There are different levels of interactivity present in eLearning courses. In the most passive courses, the audience simply takes in information without interacting with it at all. The most immersive courses include games, multimedia, custom videos and stories and more. You don't have to go all out. Even a little bit of increased interactivity in eLearning can change the way learners engage with content and increase effectiveness. Matthew Jorgensen, the Director of eLearning at Saint Stephen's College, shared that case studies using interactive modules in online college courses demonstrated evidence that interactivity helps students engage with courses for longer. In turn, the students perform better. With complicated content, the effectiveness of learning can be a concern. Interactivity that engages learners can ensure that the time it takes to learn new content is not wasted. There are many tools out there for creating interactive videos and simple games, such as Viddler and Buildbox. Clickable graphics or mini-quizzes distributed strategically throughout the content are easy ways to get more interactivity into your courses.

Challenging content has many solutions

These are just a few research-supported ways to address the problem of difficult, complex content. It's important to decide what solution is best for your content based on the nature of the content and audience needs.

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