Michael Garron Hospital Mobilizes its LMS to Fight COVID-19

Michael Garron Hospital Mobilizes its LMS to Fight COVID-19


Anneliese Delgado


No other industry has felt the impact of COVID-19 more than the healthcare world. Michael Garron Hospital, Toronto East Health Network, is one Absorb customer on the front lines of the pandemic.

MGH has been making savvy use of eLearning for some time. So it's no surprise the COVID-19 crisis spurred its innovative use of Absorb LMS once again. Now MGH is using Absorb LMS to identify critical skills, bolster internal communication—and ultimately protect and care for as many people as possible.

"It makes everybody feel like they can make a difference during these extraordinary times," said MGH Educational Technology Specialist, Sarah Dewar.

Read on to hear some of the agile ways MGH is leveraging its LMS to battle the COVID-19 crisis. Our hope is other LMS administrators and L&D leaders can use this information to respond during challenges.

Survey learners

MGH needed quick answers to mobilize its staff. Hospital leadership sent a survey to all staff members, then mapped survey answers to custom fields. The data assisted various departments in their planning and efforts during COVID-19— a critical part of the hospital's pandemic response.

Identify critical skills

Hospital leadership urgently needed to assess additional skill sets among staff. The survey MGH administered to its 2,400+ staff members also asked about transferable skills. The survey identified additional skills non-clinical staff could use to help patients, such as speaking a second language or clerical experience.

Turn data into action

MGH already had staff demographics stored in its Human Resources Information System (HRIS). But the HRIS integration with Absorb LMS empowered the hospital to use that data to better determine which staff members might be suitable for deployment to critical areas.

Pre-determine processes

In periods of crisis, there's no time to create new processes or go digging for buried information. The hospital leveraged the data and systems it already had in place to make quick decisions. For MGH, integrating key systems like an LMS and a HRIS not only proved useful during challenges, it also drove efficiency outside of crisis. See how MGH elevated its learning program and fueled productivity before the pandemic:

It's organizations like MGH that are truly making a difference. We're honored to empower hospital staff and leadership during times like these.

Visit our COVID-19 crisis solution page for tips on leveraging your LMS to mitigate risk.

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