October 24: Absorb LMS Tips and Tricks

October 24: Absorb LMS Tips and Tricks


Absorb LMS


We're doing something completely different for our next Webinar. Gone are the PowerPoint slides replaced with live demonstrations of some of the most powerful but perhaps lesser known Absorb LMS features.

Join Blatant Media team members, Donna Gernhaelder, Don Landry, Dan Medakovic, and Richard Nantel for a fast-paced presentation demonstrating:

  • Post enrollment triggers
  • Scheduling and emailing reports
  • Deep links to courses
  • Capturing learner profile data using a survey
  • Creating and using Smart Departments
  • Adding YouTube videos to courses
  • Tracking learner progress in a curriculum

And much much more.

Whether you're an Absorb LMS customer, use a different learning management system, or are considering acquiring your first LMS, this session will likely give you ideas on how you can optimize the management of your learning initiatives to provide a rewarding experience for your learners.

This webinar registration is now closed. Please visit the webinars page to view our previously recorded sessions.

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