Training in the age of Twitter

Training in the age of Twitter


Dan Medakovic


Warning: This post may exceed 140 characters. What was I saying? Sorry, I lost focus there for a second. Oh yeah...

Here at Blatant Media we know lots about Learning Management Systems and things like 'responsive design'; it's our job to provide our clients with great tools. But where the rubber hits the road, and where we can learn a lot about the act of learning, is to look to our customers and see how they are using Absorb LMS combined with some great content and strategies.

Among the many challenges that L&D organizations face today are:

1. Trying to fit training into the workday without pulling employees away from their jobs for too long, and,

2. Trying to find new ways to deal with millenials who simply can't handle sitting down to complete a 2 hour online course.

Who better to understand and speak to these challenges than one of our Absorb LMS clients, Julie Veloz? As Global Head of Learning and Development at Annalect in New York, Julie looks at these challenges from both a learning and marketing perspective.

"According to a 2012 study commissioned by Time Inc., millennials switch media types 27 times every nonworking hour. Few things hold their focus for long, so they prefer information and communication in small chunks. They are comfortable with jumping around in the information and communication realms and are nonlinear learners."

Julie has some great suggestions for chunking up learning content and using diverse media to give Millennials the training the need, in the way that they prefer to access information and media. You can read Julie's full article here.

If, like me, you also find yourself switching tasks every 2 minutes (or less), then maybe you need to try re-training your mind with meditation or perhaps following some of the tips listed in this Lifehacker article on How to Rebuild Your Attention Span and Focus. Phew, was that two minutes already?

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