Use Absorb LMS to Help Employees Adapt to Working From Home

Use Absorb LMS to Help Employees Adapt to Working From Home


Wes Douglas


The COVID-19 pandemic is evolving at a disorienting pace, leaving many businesses with no choice but to either temporarily close or quickly adopt a work from home policy.

While working remotely isn't new for everyone, it is for many—only 3.2% of the US workforce worked remotely at least half the time in 2018. If your organization is currently adjusting to this new reality, we want you to know that your LMS can help. Here's how:

Consolidate Information

From the news to the rumor mill, most of us are experiencing some degree of information overload. Since you use your LMS to consolidate and manage your training materials, why not use it to build a single source of truth for your company now? Employees will have the information they need, and it'll be much easier to track to ensure you stay compliant while everyone's working from home.

Give Employees the Skills to Cope

Our video, "Overcome Business Disruption and Worker Anxiety," highlights six ways your LMS can be an asset in a crisis. While all six are extremely valuable, there's one we'd like to expand upon: integrating courses from content libraries like Whil.

Whil's mission is to help employees reduce stress, increase resilience and improve their mental wellbeing. It features more than 250 programs that leverage the latest scientific research in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, sleep management and more. In other words, exactly what your team needs right now.

Keep Everyone Connected

As your employees adapt to working from home, it's important they use technology to get as much face time with each other as they can. Not only is it good for mental health, it'll boost team morale and productivity at a time when both might otherwise begin to wane.

The Zoom integration for Absorb LMS takes the work out of setting up and managing online training, meetings, webinars and virtual classrooms. It's reliable, secure—and if your company has a Zoom account—it's free. Beyond ensuring consistent access to training, the integration provides deeper insight into learner behavior by combining the tracking and reporting power of both systems.

Times are strange, and we could all use a little more certainty in our lives as we adjust. Visit our Crisis Solution page to learn how your LMS can be a key part of keeping your team informed and connected. We'll update it frequently, so check back often for new ways to take fast action and minimize the business impact of COVID-19.

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