Video: How Jennifer Automates the Management of an Extended Enterprise Learning Initiative

Video: How Jennifer Automates the Management of an Extended Enterprise Learning Initiative


Richard Nantel


If you're a regular reader of this Blog, you've read about how learning management systems can be configured to automate many of the activities required to manage a learning and development initiative. You may have read this, but you may not have SEEN it. ;-) So here's a short video showing how this is done within Absorb LMS.

Let's set the stage:

Jennifer is employed as a Learning Manager in a medical supply company, MedSupply Inc. She has just been informed that her organization has signed an agreement with a new distributor, Safe Distribution LLC. The contract between the two firms specifies that Safe Distribution’s employees must undertake a certification-based learning program to ensure that they understand the safe handling of MedSupply’s products.

Jennifer does not know who Safe Distribution’s learners are, nor how many there are. She’s been informed that up to 500 Safe Distribution employees may require certification. Compounding the challenge, the time frame for training is short. Safe Distribution employees must be certified within 60 days.

The good news is that the required course is already created. All MedSupply internal employees have undertaken the same certification-based program.

Jennifer now needs to:

  • Register these external learners into the learning management system
  • Enroll these individuals into the appropriate course
  • Provide status learner progress reports to MedSupply’s and Safe Distribution’s management
  • Issue certificates to the learners who successfully complete the learning program
  • Provide learners with a refresher course

The video below illustrates the steps Jennifer took to configure the LMS for this learning program.

Note: Jennifer, MedSupply, and Safe Distribution are all fictional. Any resemblance to a Jennifer you may know is coincidental.

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