What Is Microlearning?

What Is Microlearning?


Liz Sheffield


While you might be wondering, "What is microlearning?" chances are you're more familiar with it than you think. From a YouTube video about changing windshield wipers to a quick recorded demo on formatting a word processing document, everyone's on the hunt for immediate answers. Infographics, audio snippets and flash cards can also fall into the microlearning realm.

As the Association for Talent Development defines it, "best-practice microlearning is a method of continuous training that breaks complex...training content into digestible pieces." In addition to the efficient learning experience it provides, "microlearning can increase knowledge retention and proficiency in ways that 'one and done' training methods don't."

Microlearning delivered via an LMS

In order to answer, "What is microlearning and its value for my organization?" it's essential to consider how the content will be delivered. When microlearning content exists within a learning management system, it's easy to make it part of a comprehensive learning ecosystem.

There are many benefits of delivering microlearning through an LMS, including the ability to:

  • Incorporate content as part of the entire learning journey or a broader course framework
  • Track completion and confirm learning took place
  • Provide learners with ongoing access, so they can revisit quick, helpful content to review as needed
  • Deliver insights to stakeholders on microlearning consumption
  • Automatically inform learners of new microlearning opportunities

Microlearning: serving internal and external learners

Both rapid and engaging when properly executed, microlearning is effective for internal and external learners. Some organizations have found value in making internal microlearning available for compliance training or during new employee onboarding. External learners, such as customers, partners or resellers, also reap the benefits from microlearning. A quick tutorial on using your company's product, for example, could potentially be used to educate external learners.

Think about what your learners need to know to complete a task. Within the time it takes for a new question to arise, you can create microlearning content that provides answers. With the ability to rapidly develop and distribute microlearning content, you can quickly address knowledge gaps so internal and external learners can improve performance and achieve business goals.

Leveraging microlearning

As a corporate learning method, microlearning provides brief, targeted lessons that are available to reference at any time, ideally via quick access through an LMS. When learners need support to complete a particular job, they can find the answer in a piece of microlearning content and then apply what they've learned on the spot. Providing learners with the opportunity to manage their individual learning in this way fosters a positive workplace culture and empowers organizations to meet their goals.

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