What makes Absorb an AI-powered LMS?

What makes Absorb an AI-powered LMS?


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AI is changing L&D. 2023 was the year of AI, and 2024 won’t be any different. Organizations have been dealing with digital transformation for decades, but this feels different. We’re living through a time of rapid technological change, and things are evolving each month.

It’s difficult to keep up; we’ve all had to have a crash course in the difference between types of artificial intelligence like machine learning and generative AI (GenAI). But as we come to terms with the different terms and outcomes, we need to think about what the rise of AI means for our organizations, departments and roles, and specifically in L&D, the learners. It’s uncomfortable to think about, but that means it’s an opportunity for growth and change.

Have you thought about what would your learning programs look like if you were more efficient, productive, and could scale personalization? What could your role look like in the future? How effective could your teams be at driving business growth?

AI needs to be leveraged effectively and thoughtfully. No one knows what the space will look like in five years' time, but as the field continues to move forward at breakneck speed, L&D teams need to be prepared. Which is why Absorb approaches innovation from the perspective of a customer-first view: What are the problems our customers are having? How can we use technology to solve these problems?

By working closely with our customers, and staying on top of impactful AI trends, we’ve been looking at the challenges they’ve been facing for some time around content, analytics, personalization and time-consuming platform admin processes. Through this work, we’ve been able to find areas we can improve our platform to better serve them and their learners.

What is an AI-powered learning management system?

An AI-enabled LMS leverages different subsets of artificial intelligence to enhance and personalize the learning experience. It can streamline the content creation process, analyze data, provide personalized recommendations and help you to deliver training in a more efficient way.

Why choose an AI-powered LMS?

1. Improve the learner experience

For a truly effective learner experience, you need to remove barriers. If employees, customers or partners need to dig around themselves to access the information they need on your product, processes or values, they’ll just give up. With AI you can make sure the right content is put in front of the right learners, at the right time. It’ll also refines results with every new search, helping future learners get better results. With increased engagement, AI can analyze the learner’s behavior to personalize learning experiences, based on the courses they’re interested in, and their preferred learning format.

2. Efficient administration

When data is easily accessible via customizable analytics dashboards, and your LMS is integrated with your human resources information system (HRIS) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, you can automate or streamline most admin tasks. When admins can automate the creation of new profiles, the updating of existing profiles, the setting up of courses, the renewal of certifications and setting of training reminders, they can focus on delivering an optimal learning experience to employees.

3. Intelligent content programming

Streamline the course creation process by leveraging GenAI to do the heavy lifting when it comes to research, building outlines and doing drafts. Or you can go straight to the horse's mouth and get subject matter experts from across your organization to build and develop dynamic course content. With improved engagement features and customization capabilities you can create content that’s not only relevant, but compelling for your learners, By saving on resource costs to create high-quality courses quickly and efficiently, you can test out different formats or programs that can be easily scaled into full learning initiatives.

Unlock a set of AI-powered capabilities designed to simplify admin tasks and give your learners more opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge.

What makes Absorb an AI-powered LMS?

Innovation and continuous improvement are central to Absorb’s roadmap, which is why we don’t innovate simply for the sake of innovating. AI is a powerful tool, but it isn’t a silver bullet.

Our teams are focused on finding ways to add capabilities that enrich and simplify the learner experience, while increasing the management efficiencies of LMS administrators. Here’s an overview of some of the areas we’re adding machine learning, GenAI, natural language recognition, automation, and optimization algorithms to strengthen the foundations of your learning strategy.

AI-powered LMS features

Analyze BI: In-depth business intelligence reporting, complete with dashboards, charts, and forecasting visuals that allow you to do more with your LMS data. Build forecasts based on historical data or auto-generate trend graphs to identify anomalies and performance gaps. You can create, share, save, and schedule dashboards and visuals. There’s also a ‘Simply Ask’ function which uses natural language to create dashboard elements based on inputs like: What’s the top 5 course name by course enrollment count? Or: What's the average progress by Joe Schmoe?

Skills (Coming soon): Designed to make career pathing and upskilling learner driven. By offering personalized content recommendations it enables employees to champion their own development. Provides an organization’s leadership with insights into employees’ strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Allowing them to better measure the ROI from L&D initiatives, leading to well-informed business decisions and higher retention.

Create AI: Save time and resources using Create AI to research, structure, and design courses in a few simple steps. Make your courses even more engaging with interactive features such as animations, buttons, narration, questions, and more.

With Create AI, you can build, edit, and publish quality courses in the Absorb LMS within a matter of minutes. Interested in learning more? Watch this demo on the future of course development.


Learners can see additional courses based on a particular completed course, overall course completions, and popular courses among various learners, encouraging skills development and surfacing new material they might not have found.

Intelligent Ranking

Access enhanced search results in the optimal order based on historical learner choices. Results continuously adjust based on data collected from all learners' behavior.

Absorb Pinpoint

Videos are automatically transcribed and timestamped based on AI and natural language processing. Combined with Intelligent Ranking, this allows learners searching for specific topics to go straight to a particular point covering that topic.

AI-powered admin experience

Search functionality

It’s never helpful when you’re looking for something and you need to click through lots of menus and buttons, and trawl through documents that are semi-related to what you’re looking for. With AI search functionalities you’ll be served up only the most relevant results, making it quick and easy to locate whatever you’re looking for.

video background image

Intelligent Assist

Use natural language to get reports and perform tasks based on written requests. With every new piece of content, search query, and course enrollment it picks up on trends to show you the most relevant results.

Filter Suggestions

With automatically generated filter suggestions based on how report filters are being used, admins can easily tweak dashboards and reports. If suggestions are helpful, they can easily be made into standard filters.

Course Thumbnail Suggestions

Say goodbye to default course images. When configuring courses, get thumbnail suggestions from a media library based on the course's title to help make them more engaging.

Here are some great resources for you to check out as you consider the role of AI in learning, the long-term impact of AI in your L&D programs, and what it means for your own career progression:

Want to see what your learning program would look like if you used an AI-powered LMS? Book a demo today.

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