OB Rashid


Chief Technology Officer

OB Rashid has over two decades of experience developing software across domains, market segments and delivery models to draw on in his role as Absorb Software Chief Technology Officer. With many of those years spent building high-performance onshore and offshore teams, OB knows as much about keeping people motivated as he does the products he leads them to build.

While OB joins Absorb Software after having most recently overseen R&D in his role as Senior Vice President of Vocera, he began his career as an engineer at Oracle, quickly rising through the ranks to become an architect. From there, he moved into the startup space, developing an online marketplace at StarCite before moving on and holding senior leadership positions at Taleo—which was acquired by Oracle—and CA Technologies. Before Vocera, he was Global Head of Engineering for a strategic portfolio of enterprise products within the Security and Integration Business Unit at Broadcom.

OB earned a bachelor's and master’s degree in computer science from Midwestern State University. He’s a blogger and a regular speaker at industry events.

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