BizLibrary Integration

Get your team up and learning fast, while boosting ROI for your training program by using our turnkey BizLibrary integration for Absorb LMS. BizLibrary offers over 6,000 courses, and adds over 100 new titles every month, so you'll always have the latest content featuring the newest regulatory updates. Seamlessly access them all from right within Absorb LMS.

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BizLibrary courses come in a variety of formats, so learners get unlimited access to mobile-friendly content that reinforces information retention with quizzes and abundant support materials. Available topics include business skills, compliance, software, leadership and management, workplace safety, sales and service, information technology and more.

Key Features of BizLibrary

Blend Custom And Pre-Made Content

Blend Custom And Pre-Made Content

Add custom content to Absorb LMS or import content from BizLibrary.

Tracking And Reporting

Tracking And Reporting

Generate and save reports to track learner data and insights.

Learn On The Go

Learn On The Go

Courses are completely mobile friendly.

FAQs about BizLibrary integration

If I am already using BizLibrary, can I import all of my existing courses into Absorb LMS?

Yes, if you already have a BizLibrary subscription, you can import your existing courses. There is a fee for enabling the turnkey integration, so talk to us to learn more.

How often are BizLibrary courses refreshed?

BizLibrary adds hundreds of new courses every month, so content will always be accurate and fresh for your learners.

What kind of ROI can I expect from using BizLibrary courses versus Instructor Led Training (ILT)?

Training Industry examined this and found that if you replaced 30% of ILT sessions with BizLibrary content, you could see an ROI of 383% for a company of 500 employees. So you could gain significant ROI from a BizLibrary integration.

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