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Whil Integration

With 250+ mini-courses and 2,000+ sessions, the turnkey Whil integration for Absorb LMS gives your learners access to the largest wellbeing training library. This award-winning platform addresses your company's biggest healthcare-cost drivers with its seamless integration into Absorb LMS. Inspire learners to reduce stress, improve emotional intelligence, physical health, focus, sleep habits and more with Whil.

Whil Secondary

Promote long-term health and happiness with Whil. Tailor 12 different Whil wellbeing training collections and create the learning solution that best suits your learners and company budget. Available collections include sleep better, thrive at work, focus and grow, build emotional intelligence, boost physical health, reduce stress, and more.

Key Features of Whil

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Empower learners with a professional edge by honing the skills to reduce stress and improve performance.

Blend Custom And Pre-Made Content

Blend Custom And Pre-Made Content

Add custom content to Absorb LMS or leverage the Whil integration to mix and match 12 wellness courses.

Drive Real ROI

Drive Real ROI

Provide goal-based training to empower learners while reducing turnover, absenteeism and healthcare costs.

FAQs about Whil Integration

If I am already using Whil, can I import all my existing courses into Absorb LMS?

Yes, if you already have a Whil subscription, you can import your existing courses. There is a fee for enabling the turnkey integration, so talk to us to learn more.

Is Whil content backed by science and proven effective?

Yes! Leveraging expertise from 35+ MDs, PhDs and certified expert trainers, Whil has worked with 250+ companies—transforming health and routines for millions of learners.

What is the ROI of promoting wellbeing?

Stress costs the U.S. over $500 billion annually in employee turnover, absenteeism and productivity loss. 96% of participating learners say Whil "helped me reduce stress." 94% and 93% report being happier and sleeping better, respectively.

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