Create an engaging learning-centric destination for your learners

Finding ways to make your learners excited about the training process is not always an easy task. With the Absorb LMS Mercury Module we help you bring some of the best elements of the web, right into your training portal, helping make your LMS a destination and not just a necessity.



Communicate key messages to a targeted audience

In conjunction with Absorb LMS’s standard Availability Rules, the Mercury Module components allow Admins to accurately target groups of Learners with the content that matters to them. This means higher rates of course completion, more voluntary learning, and better feedback for future learning objectives.

Unlock additional design options

Don't get us wrong, our standard branded learner interface is great but the addition of the Mercury Module allows you, along with our team of professional designers, to dig into every pixel and make it incredibly customized to your needs. Want to make your LMS match another one of your web properties? The Mercury Module adds the option to further customize:

  • Header graphics
  • Fonts
  • Login screen
  • and the Learner dashboard layout




Welcome your learners with an eye-catching billboard

Billboards provide Learners with a large message banner as the most prominent object they will see when they first log into the LMS. This makes it ideal for serving whatever promotional purpose the Admin has in mind. Billboards can use static images with the ability to link within the LMS or externally, or replace the static image with video.

Common uses:

  • Promote enrollment in your newest course
  • Entice customers to act by sharing a limited time course discount
  • Alert employees of a coming company event or milestone.

Shorten feedback loops with polls

Polls give Admins the capability to sample data from a select Learner audience on any number of issues (both learning and non-learning) and obtain direct group feedback. Delivered via a simple Question and Option/Answer format, the Admin can create a basic multiple-choice research tool that they can easily administer and monitor over time.

The open-ended capabilities of Polls allow the Admin the full freedom to customize their research to serve any number of purposes, simply depending on how they design their query and responses. To foster participation and interest, all Learners are provided with Poll results immediately after they cast their ‘vote’.

Common uses:

  • Get feedback on the quality of a course
  • Learn what training course to build next
  • Auto-enroll learners based on poll answers.



Increase learner participation & engagement with contests

Contests equip Admins with a very useful tool to improve Learner participation and engagement through competition and incentives. The flexibility of the Contest tool allows Admins to set a learning goal to have their Learners obtain either a set number of Credits or complete specific Courses, within a set period of time, in order to qualify for the Contest.

Once a Learner has completed the learning goal, Admins are able to award prizes to every qualifier (reward-based competitions) or award prizes to only a select few of the qualifiers (sweepstakes-based competitions). Both Contest methods can improve the likelihood that your Learners will achieve your desired learning goal.

Common uses:

  • Turn a slow month into a training blitz
  • Encourage professional development through non-required training.

Enrich your learning portal with news articles

News Articles allow Admins to reach Learner audiences and provide them with information on various subjects, in a more detailed and specific way, than is possible with a Billboard. Following a very recognizable ‘journal’ format, News Articles can be written and published to a Learner’s Dashboard where the Learner can open and read whatever ‘news story’ interests them.

Common uses:

  • Share your company’s latest press release
  • Announce changes to your Learner’s experience
  • Repurpose company blogs and share them in the LMS.



Bring social to your LMS with Facebook & Twitter tiles

Give your Learners a window to your social media properties to encourage engagement outside the LMS. Use your corporate accounts or create a Portal specific account to feed targeted social content into your Learners. The Facebook and Twitter Tiles allow for immediate interaction, so Learners can like, comment, heart, retweet, and reply in real-time.

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