Create an engaging learning-centric destination for your learners

Finding ways to make your learners excited about the training process is not always an easy task. With the Absorb LMS Mercury Module we help you bring some of the best elements of the web, right into your training portal, helping make your LMS a destination and not just a necessity.

Communicate key messages to a targeted audience

Using the Mercury Module’s Billboard feature you can create a series of sliding banners on your learner’s dashboard. Use your linkable banners to promote your newest courses, an upcoming event, or another product with text, images, or even videos if you choose. The Billboard also allows you to select the audience who will see each banner – your LMS just became a marketing tool.

Increase communication with your learners using quick polls

Quick polls make it easy to collect your learners’ opinions. Ask them anything! What courses would they like to see offered? What would they like to eat at the company picnic? Who do they think will win the big game this coming weekend? Create something the entire community can get involved with.

Encourage increased learner participation with contests

Make learning fun by allowing learners to participate in contests. Winners can be selected based on the number of credits earned or the number of course completions in a specific time frame. There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to increase learner engagement.

Download the Mercury Brochure