Reporting that primes you for action

Being able to thoroughly report on your learning programs is an important feature for every LMS administrator. But what good does the information from your report do, if you can’t act on it? With Absorb LMS you’re able to take actions directly from your reporting. See a group of learners that would be well suited for a certain course? No problem, you can easily enroll users in course directly from the Report interface.

Share your reports with key stakeholders

We understand that not every stakeholder invested in the business case for your LMS will be actively using the LMS. That’s why we’ve made it simple for you to create the reports your team needs, and schedule regular runs of that report as it sends an email to key stakeholders. In addition, you’re able to target certain groups of users to share your custom filtered report with; Think, department heads, or instructors.

“Reporting capabilities are fantastic. Creating a report and then having the ability to auto-generate daily/weekly/monthly is very useful.”

–Tony Isaac, Supervisor, Instructional Design