Absorb Engage

Absorb Engage

Create a more interactive learning environment with Absorb Engage. This set of collaborative tools facilitates LMS learner engagement and boosts user experience to keep your learners hooked. Ensure your training program engages your entire ecosystem of unique learning audiences by tapping this powerful technology.

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Drive LMS learner engagement

With Absorb Engage, administrators can tailor content for specific groups of learners. This drives higher course completion rates, increased voluntary learning and better feedback for future learning objectives. This set of tools integrates with the Absorb LMS standard Availability Rules to weave the best elements of the web right into your training portal—making your LMS a desirable destination for learners, not just a requirement.

Key Benefits of Absorb Engage

Capture attention with eye-catching billboards

Billboards are the most prominent object learners see when they first log into Absorb LMS. This makes it ideal for serving whatever promotional messages admins want learners to see right away. Billboards accommodate both static images and videos, and can link to other areas of the LMS or external pages.

Facilitate informal learning

Complement formal eLearning with peer gatherings, discussions, break out rooms, forums and more. The Collaborations and MS Teams integration makes it easier than ever for learners to get together, share knowledge, boost personal performance and achieve results.

Inspire competition with leaderboards

Nothing encourages action like a little bit of friendly competition. Leaderboards give your learners a chance to compete with their peers as they advance through courses and curricula. Drive results with this simple-to-implement social learning feature.

Enrich social learning with news articles

News articles enable admins to reach learner audiences and provide detailed information specific to their roles. Following a very recognizable "journal" format, the news articles feature can be written and published to a learner's dashboard, putting interesting information at their fingertips.

Shorten feedback loops with polls

Polls give admins the open-ended capability to sample data from a select learner audience on various subjects and obtain direct group feedback. To foster participation and interest, learners can instantly see poll results after casting their vote.

Connect learners with social media tiles

Use your corporate social media accounts or create a portal-specific account to connect learners with targeted social content. The Facebook and Twitter tiles foster immediate interaction, so learners can "like," comment, retweet and reply in real time.

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FAQs about Absorb Engage

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