Improve the Customer Experience With Absorb LMS For Hospitality

The hospitality sector is rapidly evolving. With increasingly competitive demands and constantly changing expectations, hospitality organizations need a modern, mobile-first LMS to keep up. Absorb LMS is built to face these challenges head-on, empowering learners to grow through AI-powered, mobile-responsive training delivered in a cloud environment optimized for engagement. Absorb LMS accelerates onboarding to get employees up to speed faster and ensures they have continued access to everything they need to deliver the customer experience your guests expect.

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Use Absorb LMS to Efficiently Onboard and Continually Train Employees

Investing in a comprehensive LMS onboarding program is essential for hospitality businesses. When employees have access to training and skill-building opportunities, companies see an ROI in the form of boosted employee engagement, productivity and retention—all of which contribute to a positive customer experience. Tap into your employee’s full potential with efficient and engaging training to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Absorb LMS enables you to:  

  • Save on in-person training costs, time and resources.
  • Onboard new hires anytime, anywhere with the Absorb Learning mobile app
  • Improve employee engagement with collaboration, gamification and social learning.
  • Implement diverse content delivery, such as text, video, audio, quizzes, games and more.

Enjoy All the Benefits of Effective Hospitality Training —  Without the Stress

Fuel employee growth and development without the hassle or limitations of a traditional training program. Absorb LMS features a broad range of cutting-edge features to elevate your learning strategy and give you an edge over the competition.

Deliver Blended Learning

Deliver Blended Learning

Complement in-person training with online courses, assessments, discussion forums and more—and keep track of it all in one convenient location.

Create Content With Ease

Create Content With Ease

Build and deploy engaging, interactive training materials through a fully integrated course builder with Absorb Create LI.

Dive Deep Into Data

Dive Deep Into Data

Gain fast access to shareable, data-driven insights to prove the ROI of your learning program—and go even deeper with Absorb Analyze.

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Choose an LMS That Can Scale As You Grow

From seasonal demand to rapid industry change, businesses in the hospitality industry need an LMS that can scale according to their unique and evolving challenges. Absorb LMS delivers an engaging learner experience that empowers hospitality professionals to learn and apply new skills quickly so they can deliver on experience your guests expect. And with an admin experience loaded with intuitive automation features, scaling your learning program doesn’t require additional staffing resources.

FAQs about Absorb LMS for Hotel & Hospitality Learning

How long does it take to implement Absorb LMS?

Standard implementation of Absorb LMS takes as little as weeks from kickoff, and is led by an experienced team of in-house specialists.

Can Absorb LMS be integrated with other systems??

Absolutely! Not only does Absorb LMS have a growing number of turnkey integrations with other industry leading software providers, but its RESTful API also gives you the option to create your custom integrations for other systems.

Can we designate training for specific roles and locations?

Yes. Absorb LMS is a multi-tenant LMS, meaning you can create unique learner portals based on any number of criteria, including roles, locations, languages and more.

Start Using Absorb LMS for Hopsitality Today

Delivering training with Absorb LMS keeps your staff up to date and informed without distracting from their busy workday. Get in touch to schedule a tailored demo today.