Deliver Restaurant LMS Training at Scale

Designed to tackle restaurant training challenges head-on, Absorb LMS is the go-to eLearning solution for delivering consistent, effective training for restaurant workers from day one. Implementing Absorb LMS for restaurants ensures training is standardized across restaurant or franchise so customers receive the quality and service no matter when or where they visit. Beyond training, using a restaurant LMS keeps your business audit-ready, empowering you to manage multiple locations and user groups from one system that can be integrated with a variety of other business software solutions such as a Point of Sale.

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Why Choose Absorb LMS for Your Restaurant Group?

Leveraging the adaptable, intuitive nature of Absorb LMS, A&W Canada was able to standardize training for its 900 locations, 45,000 employees and thousands of admins.

Our Customers

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It's so intuitive. Everyone familiar with our old LMS has agreed that Absorb LMS is much easier to manage.
Emily Duholke, A&W

Restaurant eLearning Solutions to Fuel Success and Growth

Absorb LMS takes the work out of keeping up with industry standards, simplifying the process of delivering and tracking the completion of standardized material—including training related to FDA regulations—to all learners. Enjoy even more benefits to accelerate success including:

Integrate with Other Systems

Integrate with Other Systems

Connect the systems that keep your business running smoothly, including your HRIS and POS.

Upload Content Easily

Upload Content Easily

Boost the ROI of existing eLearning content created to industry standards by migrating it to Absorb LMS.

Assign Courses Automatically

Assign Courses Automatically

Use automation rules engines to assign and/or schedule training based on roles, compliance standards and more.

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Improve Customer Experience With Product and Service Training for Restaurant Staff

Restaurant staff are busy so streamlining training is essential. Not only does Absorb LMS ensure that both front- and back-of-house staff have access to training materials when they need them, it's loaded with features to boost the effectiveness too. Training modules can be customized to meet the specific needs of learners today and as they build their career, including:

  • Limited Time Offer (LTO) training for new or seasonal menu changes and promotions.
  • Job-specific training that can be accessed in the moment of need.
  • Regulated food and alcohol safety training and certification to ensure you're audit-ready.

From cooking techniques to product updates, your staff will be able to access the new content and learn at a moment's notice.

FAQs about Absorb LMS for Restaurant Training

Does Absorb LMS integrate with POS systems?

Yes. Absorb LMS integrates with a variety of leading systems and software solutions, many of which include Single Sign On (SSO).

Can Absorb LMS work for franchises?

Of course! Because customers can split their userbase into different groups we can handle franchise use cases.

Do I have to add my own restaurant training courses or are there any ready-to-do courses?

Customers have options. They can upload their own courses, build them using the Absorb Create course authoring tool, or purchase courses from a number of third-party content providers—even those without an Absorb Software partnership. Discover Absorb LMS content partners here

Start Using Absorb LMS for Restaurant Training Today

Delivering restaurant training with Absorb LMS keeps your staff up to date and informed without distracting from their busy workday. Get in touch to schedule a tailored demo today.