4 Learning Management System Best Practices to Save Channel Partners' Time

4 Learning Management System Best Practices to Save Channel Partners' Time


Jasmine Henry


Channel partners are constantly on the move and require efficiency. They have limited time to navigate a confusing learning and development app or track down essential learning content. Tailor the experience using learning management system best practices and simplify LMS use for your channel partners.

When they can find the right content and learn on their own terms, they can independently fill knowledge gaps that are crucial to making the sales you depend on them for. These four key learning management system best practices will save time for learners and ensure channel partner success. Adhering to these best practices enables the learner to gain the full value of effective training, driving revenue for your partners and you.

1. Recommend the right content

Over three-quarters of learners of all ages and profiles value learning content recommendations that are tailored to their goals and skills, according to the LinkedIn Learning "2020 Workplace Learning Report." Targeted content empowers your channel partners to see the content that you recommend for them, including important updates and key learnings.

Enable the ability to filter content that provides the most value to your channel partners based on their region, role, industry or learner activity. If a channel partner is looking for messaging and promotions to enable a sale, for example, they'll be able to find it quickly and be able to proceed. That targeted content, plus the time saved, arms your channel partner with the tools to optimize revenue opportunities.

2. Use machine learning search

To optimize efficiency, channel partners should be able to access the exact content they need in seconds. Machine learning search features use an algorithm that tracks user behavior and serves relevant results. As users search for terms, the algorithm learns from what they select to present better results to future users. For example, if many channel partners search for a term and most of them click on the eighth result presented, that result will move up the results, making it easier for others to discover the content they were looking for.

Intelligent search can leverage results from your other relevant channel partners to continuously improve the quality of search recommendations—boosting productivity and increasing learner engagement.

3. Simplify your UX

Most channel partners don't have time to learn a new LMS. With consumer apps, a simple UX with intuitive usability is the expected standard. Few people need guidance on how to use social media or messaging apps. This same standard for self-service usability should guide your approach to the LMS user experience.

Positive usability means there are fewer barriers to learning. Menus should be easy to understand and quickly connect your channel partners to various areas of the LMS. Moreover, channel partners should be able to independently search, find, enroll and participate in courses because your LMS enables such an intuitive experience. When partners can navigate the system themselves, your partner management team reduces the need for dedicated training and support.

4. Integrate your LMS with LOB systems

Create key paths of integration between the LMS and line of business (LOB) systems for a more seamless UX. Integrations can save time and reduce friction throughout user sessions. Single sign-on, for example, makes authentication simpler.

Connections between the LMS and other LOB systems like customer relationship management (CRM) and cloud productivity apps enable learning naturally, throughout the sales cycle. This gives channel partners more time to focus on other aspects of their business, rather than devoting additional hours to training.

Tailor your LMS for channel partners

Channel partners need to access the right content at the right time, instead of facing unnecessary barriers or steps that can create challenges in their learning journey.

With an efficient and engaging LMS experience, channel partners can become more confident in their sales process and be better prepared to interact with customers and you.

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