4 Ways LMS Training Kindles Employee Growth & Development

4 Ways LMS Training Kindles Employee Growth & Development


Pamela S. Hogle


Company performance reviews are complete. You've awarded bonuses to high performers and highlighted areas where all team members can improve. Now what?

Recognizing effort goes a long way, but people want to work for companies that nurture their growth and development. A CareerBuilder poll found that only 37% of employees are satisfied with training opportunities at their company, and 58% say their company does not do enough to prepare them for advancement.

Using LMS training to foster employee growth and development sets your team up for long-term success. It's especially critical in today's tight labor market, where organizations must empower employees to advance—or risk losing them to the competition. Supercharge employee growth with your LMS.

1. Close skills gaps

Each employee has a unique combination of experience and knowledge, as well as different career goals; some might aim for a promotion, while others have set their sights on a lateral move or recognize a need to upskill for their current role.

Use performance reviews to discuss training and career goals with each employee. If you're unsure of which specific training an employee needs, enlist your LMS. Recommend assessment training and activities that can identify the worker's strengths, weaknesses and skills gaps.

Then, work with the employee to map out a personalized learning path. This both demonstrates a commitment to employee growth and provides an opportunity to align employee development with corporate goals.

2. Promote collaboration & creativity

Encouraging all employees to improve communication and collaboration skills can enhance teams' effectiveness and prepare employees to take on new challenges. Collaboration also nurtures relationships that enable lateral moves and strengthens skills that position employees to take on stretch assignments.

LMS training and features can help here, too. Collaboration and discussion tools bring people together to share what works and seek advice. The LMS can connect employees to experts within the organization who can provide the information they seek. And a learning culture that encourages brainstorming sparks creativity that leads to greater engagement with the organization and with coworkers.

3. Shape future leaders

Mentorships and collaboration also build skills that top performers need as they move into leadership roles. Effective leaders must be fully immersed in the company's culture, processes, history and goals, so they can mentor others.

Employees hoping to move into leadership positions may need to build additional soft skills and learn key management skills. Content libraries in your LMS empower future leaders by providing access to expert training in these areas.

4. Make data-driven decisions

Too often, promotion decisions rest on personal connections or other subjective factors. A Frontiers in Psychology study found that, while male managerial candidates are evaluated based on leadership potential, female candidates' leadership potential is often overlooked. Women are commonly judged based on their actual experience.

LMS training and tools can level the playing field and support data-driven decision-making. Automated reports and learner analytics enable hiring managers to compare training results, certifications and learning history to objectively compare candidates.

LMS training sparks employee—and organizational—growth

LMS training is essential for keeping employees' skills up to date, tracking their progress and, increasingly, preparing them for future roles, including leadership. Tap LMS training to spark growth and development, which will deepen employee commitment and move the entire organization forward.

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