Absorb Infuse Delivers True Corporate Learning In the Flow of Work

Absorb Infuse Delivers True Corporate Learning In the Flow of Work


Mike Owens


Corporate learning has been happening roughly the same way for many years—via a learning management system (LMS) or in-person training—but, never learning in the flow of work. Employees devote time to absorb learning, sometimes off-site over a few days, then return to work smarter, more capable and better prepared for business challenges ahead. That’s always been the idea. While this works for some, it’s fallen short for some businesses needing more flexibility for their employee learning programs.

Corporate Learning In the Flow of Work

Immediacy is the defining pace of modern life, and modern business. Employees want answers “now” in the moment, when the context of information need arises. This is the motivation that drove us to develop Absorb Infuse, our newest introduction to the Absorb product offering, designed to deliver learning experiences in the moment—and in context—making it a powerful innovation in learning.

If you think of learning in the flow of work as a continuum, with simple Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality at one end, and customer-built API’s a bit deeper, Absorb Infuse stands proudly at the immersive end of the spectrum, delivering truly unique learning experiences native to customer applications and processes. It unleashes the purest form of learning in the flow of work.

Absorb Infuse Learning in the Flow of Work Spectrum

Deep Contextual Learning

By reducing the distance between when information is needed and when learning happens, Absorb Infuse empowers organizations to deliver meaningful learning experiences for employees, partners, customers and more, directly in the context of work where they have the greatest impact and relevance.

And by delivering learning in the flow of work, Absorb Infuse tackles a real challenge for modern businesses: how to motivate learning in ways that deliver for the business’s bottom line. When employees are trained and delivering at peak value, when resellers understand product benefits, when customers are equipped for success, that’s when organizations can outpace even high expectations.

Absorb Infuse meets this challenge, while also opening doors to development, satisfaction and retention across any universe of learners.

Why In the Flow Learning Matters

Absorb Infuse addresses a dynamic shift in how learning happens and is directly in line with the market dynamics described by Josh Bersin, an important thought leader in the learning space:

“Learning in the flow of work is one of the most powerful levers available to business leaders today. We believe every organization can benefit from this new paradigm. It’s an exciting next wave of innovation, which has been a long time coming.”

Bersin describes learning in the flow, not as a fad, but as an important evolution in corporate learning, writing and speaking extensively on the topic, including in this blog post.

What is Absorb Infuse?

When you visit the Absorb Infuse page, you’ll learn more specifics about the vision and benefits of our new online learning solution, but here’s a quick description of Absorb Infuse, nicely put by our Product Team:

“With Absorb Infuse, you can take any element of the Absorb learner experience (e.g. course catalog, content, progress tracking, collaboration tools, etc.) and embed it directly into your current application(s). You can create custom training to enhance business processes where they occur.

This gives employees uniquely tailored learning directly in the platforms where they already spend time, making training a seamless part of their daily work.”

The more you learn about Absorb Infuse, the more excited I’m sure you’ll become about it’s potential to transform how learning happens at your organization.

We look forward to collaborating with customers and those wanting to elevate the practice of how corporate learning happens.

To learn more about Absorb Infuse, contact our sales team who will be happy to answer your Absorb Infuse questions.

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