Businesses often struggle to fuel growth while supporting the learning needs of employees, partners and resellers who lack the engagement—and time—needed to close training gaps. eLearning is an outstanding solution, made even better when we bring LMS experiences to learners where they are, directly in the flow of work.

No matter who you’re training, people crave immediate information, delivered precisely at the moment of need, without any interruptions or delays. Your learning solution should deliver this to position you for success.

Enter Absorb Infuse: a next generation learning solution empowering the ultimate in-the-flow learning experience, far beyond what’s possible with a simple application integration.

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What is Training in the Flow of Work?


Meet the newest concept in corporate learning and how it can propel your organization.

What is Absorb


Learn how Absorb Infuse offers deep and customizable in-the-flow learning capabilities.

Who Should Consider Absorb Infuse?


Hear creative ways in-the-flow learning is being applied in the workplace.

What’s the Benefit of Absorb Infuse?


Learn how Absorb Infuse elevates ROI for company training by connecting learning directly into everyday work flows.

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How to Use Absorb Infuse

eLearning options are endless with Absorb Infuse. Below are some ways you can embed Absorb Infuse online training into your own platform environment.

Learning in the flow of work

Learn In the Flow of Work

Gain a strategic advantage by tapping the immersive end of the learn-in-the-flow spectrum. Transform how learning happens by making learning conveniently available directly in the native applications and software your employees, partners and customers are already using.

Instead of making learning a separate activity in a separate business environment, infuse it into the user experience.

Make learning experiences rich, relevant, contextual—and unique—so users immediately have the answers they need, when and where they need them.

Skills are gained, productivity boosted—all without breaking stride.

That’s the power of Absorb Infuse.

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How Does Absorb Infuse Work?

With Absorb Infuse, you can take any element of the Absorb learner experience (e.g. course catalogue, content, progress tracking, collaboration tools, etc.), and embed it directly into your current application(s). Create custom training to enhance business processes precisely where they occur.

This gives employees uniquely tailored learning directly in the platforms where they already spend time, making training a seamless part of their daily work.

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Benefits of Absorb Infuse

  • Unlock employee productivity, efficiency and skill
  • Make learning a holistic experience native to your brand and systems
  • Reduce time to competency
  • Boost learner adoption, engagement and satisfaction
  • Elevate ROI for your training efforts
  • Advance company performance

Key Features of Absorb Infuse

seamless learningSeamless LMS learning embedded within your universe of native systems and applications available on any device
customizable configurationsDeeper custom configurations (e.g. profiles, access roles, workflows) than what’s possible with simple app integrations; get ample flexibility to adapt training to your specific functional and design requirements
scalable responsive solutionScalable and extensible learning solution that is responsive, replicable and adaptable as new requirements emerge. Adjust the solution as your business evolves to easily share and diffuse unique learning experiences throughout the organization
automated workflowsIntegrated branching business logic "listens" to specific data then powers automated business process workflows
sso api integrationsSSO and API integrations mean learners are always training on the latest, up-to-date information across all your applications
focused flexible reportingFocused, flexible reporting in a single admin location delivers cohesive learning metrics across all training deployments of Absorb Infuse

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