Support Purpose-Driven Learners in Challenging Times with Corporate eLearning

Support Purpose-Driven Learners in Challenging Times with Corporate eLearning


Purpose-driven learners are the people you want on your team—especially during unprecedented times. They see challenges as opportunities to grow. They're passionate about learning new skills or creatively solving problems. And their ambition can be contagious.

But amid the COVID-19 pandemic, even the most enthusiastic purpose-driven learner needs support. It's up to business leaders to deliver corporate eLearning that encourages this type of learner. Afterall, they're the ones who will passionately shape the future of your organization.

Use the following corporate eLearning methods to nurture their natural enthusiasm and curiosity—even during challenging times.

Provide direction with engaging learning paths

Purpose-driven learners may find themselves temporarily leading a team or interacting with new clients and partners right now. They may not yet have the experience or full skill set to perform at the highest caliber, but clearly they're eager to learn.

Create learning paths within your learning management system (LMS) to provide a sense of progress toward longer-term, in-depth development. Populate learning paths with intellectually stimulating materials to empower purpose-driven learners to accelerate their growth. Give them a sense of confidence in their advancing skills by awarding competence with multiple levels of certification.

Include advanced learning opportunities

Skill development is hard work that's rewarded with improvements learners can feel. Purpose-driven learners are not looking for the easy way; they want the strategy that gives them an edge.

Provide challenging exercises and application activities that press against learners' comfort zones to provide real opportunities for advanced learning. Engage them with active learning techniques, simulations, on-the-job experiences and other techniques to develop and strengthen skills over time. As their capabilities expand, assign learners to significant goal-driven projects that allow them to make substantial contributions and extend their support networks, even while honing skills.

Enable learning in short bursts

Purpose-driven learners may be working in challenging environments for the foreseeable future. They probably had a long to-do list before the pandemic, but might have even more work responsibilities now—which often don't leave a lot of time to complete longer learning modules. To overcome these time constraints, include an array of concise learning elements so learners can gain more knowledge in short spans of time.

You might also consider gamifying elements of the program to tap into their competitive spirit—especially in ways that have them competing against their current selves. A constantly increasing point tally may add to their sense of accomplishment.

Amplify social learning

Learners need to build their networks in order to get the feedback and support they need to accelerate and apply their learning. Pair learners with mentors who will challenge and sponsor them, as well as provide ongoing developmental and career advice. Enable rich peer-to-peer learning using social media and affinity groups to connect learners and support one another's growth.

Deliver corporate eLearning with an LMS

The most effective way to deliver corporate eLearning is through a robust LMS. The strategies above appeal to all learners, but they can especially empower your purpose-driven learners as they prepare to navigate the post-pandemic business world.

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