We’re Happy to Give Others the Last Word on Absorb LMS

We’re Happy to Give Others the Last Word on Absorb LMS


Donna Gernhaelder


Sure, this is the Absorb LMS blog and, naturally, we spend a lot of time telling you why we think Absorb is a great LMS. It’s hard not to be bias!

By all means please consider what we have to say about Absorb to help separate it from the many other LMS solutions vying for your attention. But don’t just take our word for it - listen closely to what others are saying about Absorb. Chances are, you may find their input convincing and reassuring.

A quick Google search on Absorb LMS uncovers lots of informed comments and opinions on Absorb from clients, prospects, consultants and industry analysts. Absorb is enjoying record awareness levels and new client implementations in part driven from increasing endorsements and referrals from a growing base of Absorb champions. The word is out! (It’s no wonder we’re attracting regular visits to our website these days from many competitors and prospects alike.)

Here is just a sampling of independent Absorb references:

“My assessment – I like Absorb and their LMS — powerful, global and easy with an experienced professional services team to back it up. They are a good candidate for pure extended enterprise or combo employee/external LMS initiatives.”

Talented Learning

“We have used Absorb for several of our clients now, and after using open-source LMS solutions in the past, are really impressed with the forethought put into creating this platform. Each update enhances the offering.”

−Newhall Klein

“Absorb LMS has a good balance between just-enough functionality and ease of use. Keeps delivery costs low. Through a competitive bid analysis, we found Absorb to be about 25% of the cost of other leading systems like Cornerstone, Saba and Sum Total.”

−G2 Crowd

“Blatant Media’s clients have reported their solutions to be reliable, flexible, and easy to use. A strong focus on product design, functionality and client support was integral in Blatant Media receiving a Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice® certification.”

−Brandon Hall Group

"I actually heard about [Absorb] through a colleague…When I talked to her she had mentioned that you guys were quickly becoming the new favorite and that CornerStone and SumTotal were becoming yesterday's news ;) I looked you up and saw the reviews”

We’re not shy about declaring that we believe we have the best LMS out there. It’s easy to be confident when others back up your claims and echo your efforts, and we appreciate every comment.

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