Why You Should Connect Your ILT With Your LMS

Why You Should Connect Your ILT With Your LMS


As social distancing has become the new normal, Leadership and Development professionals are turning to virtual instructor-led training (ILT) now more than ever. This adjustment is an effective alternative. In fact, both virtual and live ILT deliver a variety of benefits—especially when instructors tap an intuitive learning management system (LMS).

ILT engages and enables learners, but combining that with the power of an LMS creates impactful learning experiences, automates administration and increases efficiency—enabling leaders to save money and prove ROI for learning programs.

Creating a robust learning experience

While the facilitator is primarily responsible for delivering information, be sure to supplement ILT with content learners can access individually to solidify skills, build confidence and ensure ongoing application. An effective learning experience might include the following:

  • Pre-quizzes to assess prior knowledge
  • eLearning courses to communicate core concepts
  • Evaluations to test comprehension
  • Follow-up readings or activities to solidify knowledge

Your LMS can both support ILT with videoconferencing integrations and operate as a blended learning hub. Between ILT lessons, learners can access courses on their own time and keep track of where they are in the overall learning experience. This kind of blended design builds and reinforces knowledge and skill over time. Each element advances development along the way, resulting in increased learning, retention and application.

Automating administration & data analytics

A good LMS is a powerhouse administrative partner. Once set up, the LMS effortlessly tracks dozens of details, enables easy enrollment, sends out automated communications and produces analyses that aid decision-making. With an LMS, administrative information such as course completions and analytics can be scheduled for consistent delivery to your L&D team. ILT facilitators can track enrollment, assign evaluations and award certificates.

Increasing efficiency & cost savings

The administrative efficiencies above make up just one element of the potential cost-benefit of coupling the capabilities of your LMS with your ILT offerings. By moving some delivery to an electronic format, the combination helps cut down required classroom days, which is especially useful when learners are required to work from home.

When physical proximity isn't necessary, using the LMS's webinar capabilities eliminates travel altogether, even while delivering a live experience. Your LMS can also improve the efficiency of delivery because some elements can be tackled at the learners' pace, often more quickly than when presented in front of a live group. As an added bonus, ILT sessions can be recorded for learners to review or catch up on if they missed one.

It's clear, then, that facilitators of live training events can get a real boost from linking to LMS content and capabilities. Benefits can be realized in the quality of learning and in the value of administrative task automation and record-keeping.

To learn more about how an LMS can enhance your instructor-led training, which is especially useful when learners are required to work from home. See a live Absorb LMS demo.

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