Absorb Continues Winning Streak in G2 Summer 2020 Reports


Absorb Software earned top spots in the Summer 2020 G2 Reports, continuing its previous success from the Spring G2 Reports. The software review platform awarded Absorb the following designations for Summer 2020:

  • LMS Leader for Corporate LMS and Learning Management Systems
  • Best Meets Requirements (Mid-Market)
  • Easiest LMS Setup (Small Business)
  • Easiest LMS Admin (Enterprise)
  • LMS Momentum Leader

These most recent awards continue to distinguish Absorb as the top choice for organizations and enterprises striving to accomplish business success through learning and development.

Absorb LMS Awards Breakdown

Diving deeper into the award categories further highlights Absorb achievements. For example, the G2 Grid® scores for corporate LMS put Absorb in the "Leaders" category. G2 bases this distinction on factors such as number of reviews, customer satisfaction and market presence. Moreover, G2 ranked Absorb LMS as a "Top 10 Learning Management System" based on data aggregated from customer reviews, online sources, social networks and a unique algorithm.

"Easiest Admin" identifies the product scoring the highest on the Usability Index in its category. "Easiest Setup" is the product in the Implementation Index earning the highest rating in its category. And according to G2, "The Momentum Grid identifies LMS products that are on a high-growth trajectory based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth and digital presence."

Tap the LMS Leader

As business landscapes continue to shift, Absorb is proud to offer an agile eLearning solution that empowers companies to adapt and evolve. Thanks to G2 and our customers for continuing to award Absorb LMS top scores in learning management system categories.

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