Code Ninjas Partners with Absorb Software to Train, Increase Kid Coders


HOUSTON, Aug. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire-- Code Ninjas, the largest and fastest growing kids coding franchise in the world, has recently partnered with Absorb Software to better support their franchisees. Utilizing Absorb Software to integrate written materials and videos to enhance training was a benefit to hundreds of Code Ninjas locations in the US, Canada, and UK.

"Ensuring that our franchisees have everything they need to successfully run their business is important to our Home Office team," explained Justin Nihiser, CEO of Code Ninjas. "Partnering with Absorb Software has allowed us to not only increase the amount of training we can provide, but also the ease to which it is accessed throughout our global organization. From individual summer camps to how to engage with the community, the trainings are further enabling our franchisees to succeed on all sides of their business."

Each Code Ninjas franchisee owns and operates their own location(s), meaning that they are responsible for implementing the marketing materials, operational tactics, and curriculum that the Home Office team provides. Understanding how best to not only use materials provided, but also quickly and easily access the platforms they exist on as well, is key to the success of the franchisee. Director of Training Jamie Handy was brought on to the Code Ninjas Home Office team in December 2020 to lead efforts to improve training for franchisees.

"When deciding on the right Learning Management System for Code Ninjas, we looked for three things in particular – a system that was scalable, easy to use for our franchise system, and a great value for the offering. Absorb Software met all of those requirements," shared Handy. "The Absorb Software team worked tirelessly to ensure that we had the correct products that Code Ninjas needed and provided step-by-step onboarding to make sure the set up would be ready and seamless at launch. This partnership has already shown impressive results."

Within the first 60 days that Code Ninjas franchisees were able to access materials through Absorb LMS, 700+ users had accessed their account. This included Code Ninjas franchisees, Center Directors who are front facing at their locations, and Code Senseis™ who directly interact with the kids who come into the locations to learn to code.

"Partnering with Code Ninjas, a company that understands the lasting impact of quality training, speaks to the foundation of why we built Absorb LMS," said Mike Owens, Founder and CEO of Absorb Software. "Not only are they giving kids the opportunity to learn valuable skills, but they're also setting franchisees up for success by keeping them aligned with the company's mission and values. It's exactly the type of use case at the center of our wheelhouse."

Code Ninjas has 300+ locations open in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom – all of which have access to trainings and information now housed on Absorb Software. 


Founded in 2016, Code Ninjas® is the world's largest and fastest-growing coding franchise, with hundreds of locations across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. At Code Ninjas, kids learn to code while building their own video games. They gain problem solving, critical thinking, and STEM skills in a fun, safe, and inspiring environment. Kids have fun, parents see results®. For more information, visit

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