HSI Integration

With over 450+ courses on leadership and development, emergency response, safety and compliance, industrial skills, and more, HSI knows how to make the most of the training experience. Keep learners tuned in to critical topics and influence safe working behaviors with HSI's award-winning, interactive course library. Seamlessly access it all from Absorb LMS.


HSI provides training content for businesses of all sizes and industries. Offered in English and Spanish, HSI courses are designed to maximize learner participation and drive home safety, regulatory, and operational workforce skills and more. Many courses include optional content like printable supplemental materials, tips, and refresher trainings.

Key Features of HSI

Manage Employee Development

Manage Employee Development

Give learners the skills to lead and manage others, improve their performance, and increase business results.

Improve Safety Culture

Improve Safety Culture

Make workplace safety a priority for your learners with targeted safety training, including content for all learning styles, industries, and scenarios.

Sharpen Microsoft Skills

Sharpen Microsoft Skills

Build your employees' Microsoft skills to boost productivity.

FAQs about HSI integration

Do HSI courses offer job aids, quizzes, or any other interactions?

Yes, all HSI courses use a combination of job aids, quizzes, and interactions to keep learners engaged.

How often are courses provided by HSI updated?

HSI course content is updated as needed to reflect regulatory standards. Courses are also reviewed every 18 to 24 months.

Do HSI courses include storytelling?

Yes. Many HSI courses include animation, real-life scenarios, and video threaded storytelling to help learners understand concepts.

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