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Traliant Integration

Let Traliant's engaging HR and legal compliance training libraries empower you to build a training program that fosters an ethical, diverse, and inclusive culture for your organization. The turnkey Traliant integration with Absorb LMS seamlessly connects learners to 100+ interactive courses. Deliver their award-winning content with Absorb LMS to drive compliance and engage learners.

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Inspire your learners to make smart choices in difficult workplace situations, mitigate risks, practice appropriate behavior, embrace inclusive behaviors, and more with training by Traliant. The online training courses feature modern, bite-sized episodes presented in a news show format. Content libraries include a variety of interactive compliance training on subjects from sexual harassment prevention, diversity and inclusion to code of conduct. Traliant courses use a behavior-based approach to help your team manage difficult, real-world situations and challenge questions to allow for teachable moments that increase knowledge and engagement.

Key Features of Traliant

Engaging Content

Engaging Content

Short episode-based videos in a news show format capture the attention of learners on any device.

Effective Behavior-Based Approach

Effective Behavior-Based Approach

The right learning experience can lead to positive, lasting changes for employees. The best way of achieving this? A wide variety resources within your training program.

Fast, Simple & Powerful Customization

Fast, Simple & Powerful Customization

Easily customize training with your branding, policies and leadership message to reflect your company culture.

FAQs about Traliant Integration

If I currently use Traliant training courses, can I import my existing courses into Absorb LMS?

Yes, if you already purchased Traliant content, you can enable the integration to import your existing courses. Talk to our team to learn more.

Is Traliant training compliant with state regulations?

Yes, the Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training is available in versions to address the mandates in California, New York State and City, Illinois, Chicago, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington, Maine, and Canada. A general version is available for organizations in states or provinces with no current laws or regulations in place.

Does Traliant training vary by industry?

Yes, the Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training is available in seven industry versions for retail, office, construction, hotels, manufacturing and industrial, restaurants and healthcare—with state specific versions to keep teams engaged and meet your compliance requirements.

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