5 Key eLearning Platform Security Components

5 Key eLearning Platform Security Components


Jasmine Henry


An eLearning platform hosts sensitive data, including learner performance and corporate intelligence. Any eLearning investment should surpass current industry standards for cloud security and data privacy. A forward-looking position on security is needed to address today and tomorrow's dynamic security demands.

An eLearning vendor should provide the building blocks for a secure, effective implementation by providing reliable cloud software engineered for security and continuously evolving to meet emerging security requirements. Certifications can provide transparent, third-party proof that an eLearning system is built to meet or exceed industry standards for cloud security and data privacy, such as Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 certification or the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

1. Data privacy compliance

A learning management system collects, processes and stores personal data on learners, including performance insights. A learning platform should meet regulatory standards for data privacy. This includes GDPR, the most sweeping data privacy directive to date. It requires companies that collect, process or store EU residents' data to meet numerous regulations and spell out their practices clearly. Absorb has achieved GDPR compliance by embedding data privacy into operations, actively monitoring data handling and providing clear notices to data subjects.

2. Cloud security

An eLearning system is only as secure and reliable as its cloud infrastructure. Some of the world's most secure digital companies, such as Netflix and Twitter, rely on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud for security and resilience. Learning and development leaders can also benefit from the size and sophistication of the AWS cloud, including regular third-party validation audits and industry-leading data encryption.

The AWS cloud architecture is distributed across multiple global data centers that comply with international privacy and security standards. AWS operates on a shared responsibility model, which means cloud software vendors manage their own platform performance and reliability, using AWS as building-blocks. AWS is a foundation for excellence and when the architecture is coupled with effective cloud policy, the result is fast, reliable eLearning software.

3. SOC 2 certification

One of the most important industry standards for cloud software and data centers is SOC 2 certification or third-party verification of operational effectiveness and trust. The SOC 2 is a voluntary auditing procedure developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. eLearning platforms that achieve SOC 2 have passed a third-party audit for transparent proof of strong security controls, data privacy, confidentiality and availability.

4. Identity & access management

Identity and access management (IAM) components are important features to protect the sensitive data housed in an eLearning platform from account compromise and unauthorized login. An LMS should offer cloud-based access and user permissions to accommodate internal and external users worldwide. Effective IAM can also create a more streamlined experience for trusted learners by providing single sign-on for users inside the network or accessing the LMS from a known device.

5. eCommerce Security

Learners should feel confident their sensitive information is in good hands when putting a course in their online shopping cart. If you're planning on collecting payment data for courses, a PCI DSS compliant eLearning platform is a necessity for eCommerce security. PCI DSS is a set of regulatory requirements for companies that process, transmit or store payment data.

eLearning Cybersecurity

A secure LMS is important for comprehensive data security, in addition to making cybersecurity courses available to learners. Choosing an eLearning platform that's secure by design and certified via objective audits can empower your business to better protect sensitive data and corporate information.

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