Learning Empowers Your Business to Navigate the Future of Work

Learning Empowers Your Business to Navigate the Future of Work


Anneliese Delgado


Business leaders must implement an agile strategy to rapidly navigate change and triumph over unforeseen challenges. But forging a path towards success in unique times can prove extremely difficult. Companies may need to quickly update infrastructures to support remote work. Department budgets might decrease. Workers may adopt additional responsibilities. Moreover, leaders must remove business inefficiencies while supporting the wellbeing of their customers, employees and partners. See how learning can empower your business and bolster your strategy for navigating the future of work.

Build an agile learning culture

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders recognized the importance of a strong learning culture. But the crisis demands new approaches to facilitate flexibility. Create an agile learning culture to keep teams updated on new procedures and programs, while empowering them to adapt to change. Whether your team is still social distancing or returning to the workplace, use these tips for building an agile learning culture:

  • Facilitate reskilling—Equip your team with new skills needed to take on changing business landscapes. Use learning reports and analytics to determine which learners need the most reskilling, then get them quickly up to speed.
  • Encourage continuous learning—Learning isn't over just because a course is complete. Create personalized learning paths based on new company goals, compliance requirements and individual career aspirations so your learners are always striving for more.
  • Enable on-the-go growth—Optimize training content for mobile devices and empower your learners to develop from anywhere. Then tap an LMS with a mobile app to seamlessly deliver that mobile-optimized content.

Destigmatize failure

Don't let the fear of failure hinder your organization's progress. Your employees, partners and customers are tapping creative solutions to evolve with new business landscapes—and fear of failure shouldn't deter that creativity.

When creating or updating your learning strategy for the future of work, refrain from solely relying on a pass/fail assessment system to measure knowledge retention and reskilling efforts. Stakeholders at CENGN know a hands-on approach is especially effective when delivering in-depth or complex information. The company must advance understanding of emerging technology to drive future innovation.

"I can put a checkpoint at the end of each eLearning course so learners must have a 10-minute interview to validate material comprehension," CENGN Senior Manager of Training Programs Peter Heath said. "I can look at how they're doing in real-time and say, 'That's great, you've really got it,' or 'Hey, I don't think you understood this. Please go back and study a bit more.'"

By destigmatizing failure, you're creating a more supportive, effective and future-forward learning environment. In turn, this can result in learners becoming more engaged with material and eager to apply new skills to upcoming challenges.

Provide collaborative learning opportunities

Worker responsibilities are evolving. Business leaders are creating new roles and teams must find innovative ways to efficiently share information—especially as more people work remotely. Support collaborative learning by empowering your learners with the proper technology. Your LMS should offer certain features and capabilities that facilitate peer collaboration and knowledge sharing, including:

  • Easy video uploading so learners can record and demonstrate competence
  • Virtual forums where learners can comment or ask each other questions
  • Personalized social profiles to encourage online interaction and learning
  • Leaderboards to promote friendly competition through gamification
  • Course ratings so learners can see which courses their peers found most useful
  • Relevant news articles delivered through the LMS

Lean on eLearning

Leverage an LMS to deliver the eLearning your organization needs to adapt for the future of work. An agile learning culture, collaborative learning opportunities and fresh perspective on failure can all foster innovation during new situations, while empowering your business to take on tomorrow.

Ready deliver flexible eLearning? Connect with us to see how Absorb LMS enables your business to overcome future challenges.

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