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Skill Pill Integration

Designed to equip your learners with essential IT and soft skills, Skill Pill's digital library offers 5,000+ learning objectives and 500+ modules. The turnkey Skill Pill integration for Absorb LMS seamlessly facilitates microlearning content anytime, anywhere. Tap this premium content through Absorb LMS to upskill learners for the modern workplace./p>

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Skill Pill's high-quality microlearning content can positively impact desired behaviors by 10 – 20%, when compared to traditional eLearning. Sourced from international business bestsellers, Skill Pill has effectively deployed learning and information to over 168 countries and serves more than 1 million learners. Courses are available in 25+ languages—including French, Arabic, Chinese and Russian—with translation capabilities constantly expanding to meet the needs of a global workforce.

Key Features of Skill Pill

Mobile-Friendly Content

Mobile-Friendly Content

Unlimited access to microlearning content on mobile devices—including videos, quizzes, worksheets and more.

Blend Custom and Pre-made Content

Blend Custom and Pre-made Content

Add custom content to Absorb LMS or import content from Skill Pill.

Tracking and Reporting

Tracking and Reporting

Generate and save reports to track learner data and insights.

FAQs about Skill Pill Integration

If I am already using Skill Pill, can I import all my existing courses into Absorb LMS?

Yes, if you already purchased access to Skill Pill content, you can import your existing courses. There is a fee for enabling the turnkey integration, so talk to us to learn more.

What is the benefit of breaking content into short "pill" sized components?

Impulses and triggers increasingly motivate today's learners. If they can't access and consume material within five minutes, you might lose them. Microlearning content keeps them engaged and combats knowledge retention gaps.

What kind of expertise does Skill Pill bring to content creation? 

Skill Pill content originates from international business bestsellers published by Pearson Education, Financial Times and Kogan Page. Research shows Skill Pill can positively impact desired behaviors by 10 – 20%.

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