Use LMS Tools to Help Customers Optimize Their Learning

Use LMS Tools to Help Customers Optimize Their Learning


According to the Harvard Business Review, COVID-19 has had a measurable impact on organizations, especially in their customer service departments—the front line of your organization. In a study, they discovered that the frequency of "difficult" customer service calls more than doubled in March. With COVID-19 creating sweeping changes in how and where we work, companies must find new ways to help customers optimize their learning to ensure more successful product use, and more productive service calls.

Backing your learning goals with LMS tools enhances your customers' experiences by building more comprehensive product knowledge. With a modern-day toolbox, customers can follow clear, engaging learning pathways and even monitor their own learning goals.

Let's look at some specific learning management system features that will empower customers to optimize their learning.

Leverage social learning tools

A powerful way to use your LMS with customers is to embrace social learning. With your LMS, you can sustain learner engagement with social tools like leaderboards, polls and gamification options. These features fuel your customers' engagement to improve their retention while enhancing their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

For example, leaderboards can spice up your customer training program with a dash of friendly competition, adding a layer of reward to motivate their learning. Gamification increases focus with a structured and goal-oriented learning pathway, ultimately improving knowledge retention. Your LMS's social tools also enable learners to share knowledge with one another, enhancing comprehension with a variety of perspectives.

Provide specific learning paths

When it comes to creating a positive customer experience, you need to understand the needs of your customers and implement appropriate actions to address them. When done effectively, customers become brand ambassadors for your company, sharing positive experiences with their peers.

One way to understand your customers is to pair LMS reporting and analytics with your training. And course-building features of a robust LMS offer opportunities to address insights with unique L&D experiences, ultimately optimizing their learning.

For example, you can check your LMS analytics for courses that customers sign up for the most, questions they get wrong most often or lessons that take longest to complete. When you understand when they're most engaged or challenged, you can better understand their strengths and weaknesses and build specific learning paths accordingly. You can craft your L&D by type of customer or geographic location, depending on the trends you find. The interactive polls offered with social LMS tools can help you further color these insights with more specific customer feedback.

If your team is armed with reliable data acquired from customer trainings or from social learning tools, you'll anticipate your customers' needs as your relationship progresses, turning the experience into a proactive rather than reactive one. Tailoring your eLearning to each customer demonstrates your understanding and appreciation of them as individuals, meeting their needs, providing a solution and enabling stronger connections.

Go mobile

By offering an LMS optimized for phones and tablets, your customers can pick up their training seamlessly from any device. Further, with LMS tools in their pocket, your customers can access your content when and where they want, either online or offline, allowing them to get the answers they need when they need them.

This is especially important to learners who leverage multiple devices throughout their typical workday and may even operate in various locations. For them, a productive LMS experience is one they can access seamlessly and consistently from any endpoint.

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. When you offer training with robust LMS tools, you empower them to succeed with your products—and ultimately increase the value of your relationship.

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